August 2018:   Some Discussions and Decisions from the July Meeting

• Rev. Fred Hammond has arrived in Florida and his first sermon will be Sept. 9. He will also be doing a Christmas Eve service.
• The Committee on Ministry will be formed with more detailed explanation in the President’s Message in this Update.
• Thanks was expressed to committee chairs who have worked diligently to stay within or below their budgeted amounts for the 2017-18 fiscal year.
• A press release for the MUUF Peace Knitting Circle composed by Randy McCrea was previewed.
• Approval was given for purchase and installation of security cameras.
• The funding from two UUA grants for encouraging citizens to vote has been received and Bernita Franzel is working on implementing the proposals.
• The stairway needs to be kept clear for safety reasons. All members need to bring items upstairs and put them away or if unable to do so ask someone for assistance.
• Progress is being made on readying the garage for use for transmitting radio station WBPV.
• Plans for a new banner were begun by Peg Green, Melissa Kinder, and AJ Wolff.
• We are upgrading our grounds by removing plants that are not Florida friendly, planting new plants, and spreading mulch.
• We are sorting out some confusion with our Wi-Fi service.
• Approval was given for The Suzuki Music and Teacher Training Academy of Tampa Bay for use of our building one Saturday morning a month, August through May.
• We will look into procuring canvas bags with our name on them to encourage members and friends to reduce use of plastic bags.*   w


Board Members

2018-2019:  John Isham –  President, Carol Bartz – Vice President, Doris Sutliff – Secretary, Mary Lou Thompson – Treasurer, Bill Hayes – Assistant Treasurer. Pat Rohrer, Bernita Franzel, Al Guy, AJ Wolff.