September 2018:   Highlights from the August Meeting

  • * The Committee on Ministry (COM) comprised of Sally Isham, Randy McCrea, and Al Usack, have had their first meeting and will meet with Rev. Hammond within the week.
  • * The security camera system is installed and is working well. The UUA Faithify grant will be submitted soon to help defray the cost.
  • * Office space for Rev. Hammond and the 2nd floor in general is receiving a “facelift” so that the rooms can be used for meeting spaces. RE materials are being sorted and stored for the day when we once again have a children’s program.
  • * The board approved tenting the building for termites. Date to be announced.
  • * The Endowment Committee has reinvested one of our annuities after researching different options.
  • * WiFi has been updated to cover all areas of the building.
  • * We are awaiting information about a UUA program called “Startup” suggested by Connie Goodbread.
  • * Landscaping of the grounds and Memorial Garden continues.
  • * A 2 line phone system will be installed.
  • * The board approved a request from Overeaters Anonymous to rent our space on Tuesday afternoons.
  • * Bernita Franzel is preparing Amendment storyboards for our October share a dish dinner.
  • * We will have a book sale in October. 

Board Members

2018-2019:  John Isham –  President, Carol Bartz – Vice President, Doris Sutliff – Secretary, Mary Lou Thompson – Treasurer, Bill Hayes – Assistant Treasurer.  Members at large: Bernita Franzel, Al Guy, Pat Rohrer, AJ Wolff.