June 2018.  Our May meeting

Following are some of the decisions and discussions made at the May 2018 Board Meeting:

  • Discussion about details and logistics for our eagerly anticipated weekend visit by our new Developmental Minister, Fred L  Hammond, took place as well as the drafted contract to be signed at that time.
  • Letters to members and friends will be sent regarding pledges from the 2017-18 fiscal year as reminders about amounts not yet fulfilled.
  • Approval was granted for renewing our insurance policy with Church Mutual.
  • On Sunday, July 15, we will introduce the congregation to all the board members for 2018-19.
  • During the time of UUA General Assembly, June 20-24, we will watch live-stream sessions available at MUUF for those interested. John Isham and AJ Wolff, as our voting delegates, will vote online for the business items.
  • Work on improving the back bathroom is progressing well.
  • It was decided to wait till spring or later to do
    another picture directory.