We want to tell you about our facility. We are adding narrative and pictures as we go. 



        MAIN FLOOR           Sanctuary.


                                                a/v  booth

                                               , visitor table

                                        Social Hall, Library


                                        Administrative Office

        SECOND FLOOR:  Religious Exploration, R.E. Offices



Be sure to walk onto the MUUF outdoor deck to see the new white fence installed by Westminster Towers and Shores. They were kind enough to build it to the specifications suggested at the Bradenton Safety Officer walk-thru of the MUUF grounds. This fence allows the police maximum sight lines for surveillance of our property.


March 2018  The Men’s Group will undertake the formidable job of cleaning out the “garage.”




We have a Memorial Garden as a resting place for past members, relatives  and friends. It was established in 2000 and currently holds the cremains of 25 past members, relatives and friends. Exact locations are on a chart in the office. It is located on the south side of our building just off of the deck. Since Hurricane Irma took down much of the fence between us and Westminster to the south.
The fence belongs to Westminster and after a red tape delay, it is ready to install a new one. We take pride in the garden and strive to maintain it in the style we promised those who are resting there. We invite those who enjoy planning a garden plus those who enjoy working in the soil to join our committee. Our lawn man, Tony Martin, will do the heavy work. The garden has been certified as a native Florida garden containing only those plants native to Florida.  It is really a restful place to relax and shut out the hectic world.




MUUF has been a Certified Florida Yard since 2012. We had been mindful of the choices of plants before that, but for our projects for application of Green Sanctuary accreditation, we emphasized the Florida Yard certification.


There is parking spaces on the north side of our property. It continues from 15th Street to the west and exits on 16th Street. It is made of crushed rock and shells with grassy areas. The city-owned parking on the east side of 15th Street is also available on weekends. We are close to Bradenton’s Farmer Market, municipal and county offices, the Central Library, and marina areas so that our parking lot is convenient for members with downtown activities.


There are handicap parking spaces near the front door. There is a drop off spot to the south of the building and a connecting ramp to the front door.