President’s Message for January 2018 

Carol Bartz

 The March for Democracy, held in Sarasota Jan. 20, was inspiring for all who attended including concerned MUUF members. Hopefully it had an effect on all who drove by, watched the news coverage, or heard or read about it. It’s up to us as responsible citizens to voice our concerns and do all we can to influence our elected officials…to get involved in bringing about the changes we envision. I was struck with the creativity of the signs, with the gentleness and sense of purpose expressed by everyone as strangers made eye contact and felt that sense of kinship and connection, and with the conversations that occurred. Reactions to the two hecklers I saw were both puzzled and polite while being firm, letting them know they were in the minority.

The introductory meeting of our Building Your Own Theology sessions seemed to have been enjoyed by those who attended. It will be fulfilling for those who look inward and work on their own credo with the
option to share it with others at the last session in May. Having led this many years ago I am eager to see how my own statement will show how I, too, have held fast to some parts and moved on in other ways. As human beings we are always evolving as we live in a changing world that sometimes challenges us and reminds us that we don’t have all the answers.

The recent activities that are being generated by our members are inspiring and show that we are on a
positive track. The quest for a full time Developmental Minister, the Welcoming Committee movies and sessions to renew our certificate with the UUA, the knitting group, the art show, the creativity of auction items being offered, the improvements to the exterior of the garage, the UU101 session for potential new members, and Building Your Own Theology are all indicators of purposeful activity that makes MUUF a better place. Added to this we have Great Decisions restarting this month. We may be small but we are mighty and busy and involved!





President Roster Since the 50th Anniversary

Carol Bartz   2016  to present 
Martha Pelletier 2015
Bill Peruzzi:(winter) and Martha Pelletier (summer)   2014
Bill Peruzzi (winter) and Joan Butcher (summer)  2013
Grace Hirsch January 2012
Lorraine Berry  2009-2011