President’s Message for December 2017 

Carol Bartz

Recently I, along with some other members of our Fellowship, attended two meetings that have been inspirational with ideas that could and should be of use to us at Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. The first was with Jacqueline Moore who promotes kindness. Though it sounds simple and almost trite, she has developed quite a wide outreach in just one year’s time working with organizations, schools, and businesses to encourage people to treat one another with kindness. The other gathering was a workshop held at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of
Lakeland where Connie Goodbread from the Southern Region of the UUA spoke about covenanting.

Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has a written covenant which was approved at our Annual Meeting in January of 2013. The interesting part of that is that most people who were members at that time, including myself, do not remember that it was finalized and approved, only that it was talked about.

We need to make it part of who we are and use it as a guide to how we interact with one another, or least, how we aspire to interact with one another. As Connie put it, we need to make “covenant” a verb, not a noun. The covenant I am speaking about is printed in this Update so please look for it and read it. We will be calling our members together to talk about it and see if we want to revise the covenant from 2013, write a new one, or embrace it wholeheartedly as it is.

Whichever path we take, we need to put our agreed-upon covenant into action so that we always have it in our psyche and hearts as to how we can relate to one another in healthy and positive ways.

As Connie reminded us we each need to look at ourselves first, knowing that being in covenant with one another is not easy–a certain amount of humility and vulnerability is needed. I look forward to working on this with all of you.

The month of December is always such a busy time here at MUUF as our attendance increases, our choir is once again singing, and more activities take place. Added to that are the holidays which for some of us bring up conflicting feelings as we remember childhood’s simpler happy times, for parent’s memories of celebrating holidays with our own children, changes in our religious beliefs, and the changes that happen in all our lives over the years as we age and as our loved ones are gone or live geographically far away. Talk to each other. Tell each other what is going on in your heart and in your mind. We can be there for one other and make MUUF your chosen family where you are both loved and loving.



President Roster Since the 50th Anniversary

Carol Bartz   2016  to present 
Martha Pelletier 2015
Bill Peruzzi:(winter) and Martha Pelletier (summer)   2014
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