President’s Message for August 2017 

Carol Bartz

                                                                                I am happy to announce that the new president elected at the Unitarian Universalist
Association Gencarol-bartz3eral Assembly is Rev.  Susan Frederick-Gray, the candidate I felt was best for the position and for whom I, as a delegate from our fellowship, voted for online. The next six years will be challenging as she works to bring about changes in the internal structure of the UUA and unifies everyone so that we, as a denomination, can pull together while addressing larger issues that affect us all.
I am chagrinned to announce that I didn’t actually make it to GA in New Orleans because of the age-old problem of basing a decision on information that wasn’t exactly accurate. The weather reports we watched enroute, and the internet coverage, made it sound as though Tropical Storm Cindy was going to absolutely inundate New Orleans with flooding, so my husband and I canceled our reservations, changed course and headed north, then west, to avoid the dangers of all the severe warnings we were hearing. By the time we realized it wasn’t happening it was too late and too far to turn around and go back and try to find a room near the convention center.
We visited family and had a wonderful time, but if we had not turned on the TV Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning in Pensacola where we spent the night we probably would have just plugged on to Even though I wasn’t present, I do have access to the videos of so many of the events and workshops at GA. It’s not the same as physically being there, but it’s wonderful that they are available. My hope is to make it next year to Kansas City.
Too often in other parts of our lives we jump to conclusions and base decisions on information that is false, incomplete, outdated, or maybe we just don’t understand the information even though it is given correctly. We see this happening in local and national governments, in places of employment and schools, in personal lives, and (gasp) in churches. Usually, if we take time to research thoroughly using
multiple sources, ask questions, and think things through, we can make good decisions based on facts. This applies to both individual and group decisions.

Following our July board meeting I am pleased to announce that Ann Rogers is returning to serve as our choir director. Nikki Lachambre has taken another position and we all wish her well in her new position. Our choir is such an integral part of us and
we look forward to hearing them again on Sundays beginning in November.
So many of the things we do at MUUF depend on volunteers. One area that we need volunteers is to supply and serve refreshments after our Sunday services. When it is done gladly and done by many the food tastes better! Here’s the plan: Different committees will take turns supplying, serving, and cleaning up as each group takes a Sunday. This would give a rotation of about 6 or 8 weeks until the same group is called upon again. Showing appreciation for what we do for and with each other makes it all the nicer. Many members have expressed a desire to have healthier, simpler refreshments, so to kick things off board members took the first Sunday after the July board meeting to supply the goods.
On a more serious note we talked at the board meeting about ways to improve our Sunday services and decided to slightly change the way we do joys and concerns. Not wanting to eliminate a portion of the service that usually brings us closer to one another as we share personal concerns, we now have a different way to communicate the information instead of passing the mic around. Anyone who wishes to share a personal joy or concern will write it down before the service begins (paper and pens provided) and put it in the basket located on a small table near the front of the sanctuary. As president, I will read these immediately following the President’s Message. Written entries should be kept short and if people want to know more details about it they can converse with the person during the social hour.

Just a reminder to all that board meetings are open for all to attend. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Board members are charged with the important task of being good stewards for our fellowship. Visitors may speak near the beginning of
the meeting for a limited time (3 min each). Copies of the minutes of the meetings, financial reports, committee reports, etc. are available to look at in the binder on the shelf of the southwest corner of the wall in the social room.


President Roster Since the 50th Anniversary

Carol Bartz   2016  to present 

Martha Pelletier 2015

Bill Peruzzi:(winter) and Martha Pelletier (summer)   2014

Bill Peruzzi (winter) and Joan Butcher (summer)  2013

Grace Hirsch January 2012

Lorraine Berry  2009-2011