President’s Message for August 2018 

John Isham


Forming a Committee on Ministry,
a new membership opportunity. The transition of MUUF from a lay-led fellowship to a ministry-led fellowship is dependent on the successful blending of the Minister and the congregation into a coherent unit doing the ministry of the Fellowship. Our progress will be measured by the Minister and a Committee on Ministry (COM) working hand in hand to track and achieve the goals set forth in our congregational survey. These are outlined in the contract with our Developmental Minister, Reverend Fred L Hammond. Concisely stated these goals are:
1. Acceptance of the role of a Minister in our fellowship and our Ministry.
2. Adherence to our congregational covenant and the seven UU principles.
3. Provide education in UU history, principles, leadership, and stewardship.
4. Develop programs to attract a diverse membership of all ages.
5. Enlarge our community outreach in social action and with other UUs in Florida.
The Committee on Ministry will monitor the Ministry of MUUF by continually asking: “Is our ministry successful?” “Are we living our mission which states we are a friendly beacon for religious freedom, supporting lifelong spiritual growth, and working for social justice with compassion and love?” The COM will give regular progress reports to the board.
This is a wonderful growth opportunity for a MUUF member. The COM member must be committed to MUUF and to the principles of Unitarian Universalism. The COM will work closely with the Minister, the Board and the congregation. If you are interested in serving, please contact a member of the Nominating committee in writing.
Nominating Committee:
Lorraine Berry:,
Sally Isham:,
Pat Rohrer:,
Doris Sutliff:,
AJ Wolff:
Selected members will be notified in the third week in August. A formation meeting will be held in the fourth week. Rev. Hammond will meet with the COM during the first week in September.


Presidents Since the 50th Anniversary
John Isham  2018 to 2020
Carol Bartz   2016  to 2018  
Martha Pelletier 2015
Bill Peruzzi:(winter) and Martha Pelletier (summer)   2014
Bill Peruzzi (winter) and Joan Butcher (summer)  2013
Grace Hirsch January 2012
Lorraine Berry  2009-2011