We welcome artists from our congregation and the community to exhibit their work. Displays are changed periodically.  The community is always welcome to view these works of art. Frequently some art pieces are for sale.

2018 September Art Show


Artistic members of MUUF presented a display in December


Artistic members of MUUF presented a display in the Spring



Tim Parker

The art on the walls during December 2016,  was by Tim Parker from Naples. The works of art were for sale with a percentage going to MUUF. Talk to Chris MacCormack, 941-727-5183 to purchase one.

ART 2D ,2076 J and C Blvd, Naples, FL 34109   http://www.art2D.com



20161205_125542Al Levie


The art on display year round at MUUF includes a painting by the late Al Levie, an active member at OCCUPY and various MUUF activities. The painting was hung in January 2016. It was donated by the Estate of Al Levie. Other art work in the MUUF permanent collection will be included on this site at a later date.






2015 and earlier

Marilyn Barry Codd Graciela Giles Peg Green | Ava Hils | Grace Hirsh | John Kokajko | Elayn Leopold | Chris MacCormack | Herbie Rose Al Usack

Marilyn Barry Codd

Marilyn Barry Codd majored in Art at Hunter College in New York. She was employed as a Graphic Designer by the IRS in Missouri and was Art Director for Allstate in Illinois. She later took up stained glass crafting and painthe also painted many lighthouses of the Great Lakes in watercolor. She had fun creating be-jeweled, sparkling, sculptured heads and torsos – her alter egos, she said: the “Glamazons.”  Marilyn designed and made our Manatee UU Banner. Marilyn died in 2016 with a memorial service at our Fellowship.

Graciela Giles

Music and art have always formed a creative duet in the life of Graciela Giles.Her award winning paintings have been selected for numerous exhibits and are in private collections world wide. She teaches watercolor workshops at her studio in Village of the Arts, Ringling School of Art, Art Center Manatee and Continuing Education. The Rose/Giles Studio is at 923 13th Street West, Bradenton, FL.  941-746-4469.

Peg Green


The MUUF Art Gallery currently features  the exciting  paintings and fabric artwork of Peg Green. Peg has lived in Sarasota for one year. She grew up in Cleveland, OH and studied at the University of Chicago earning a PhD in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Peg lived in Colorado Springs for 15 years where she was a founding member of the Casa Verde Co- housing Community and the High Plains UU Church. She spent two years living in Outer Mongolia as a Peace Corps Volunteer where she established the first Mongolian-American Friendship and Learning Center.  After caring for her sister for several years in Washington DC, Peg moved to Sarasota to be near her daughter’s family.


Peg Green is a lifelong artist who loves bright colors and bold designs. Best known for her Fabric Art, her unique style is a creative interweaving of spiritual and sensual qualities. She uses nature and personal experience as primary sources of inspiration and also draws on archetypes and symbols from myths and cultures across the world, as well as feminist and shamanic sources. Her work is strongly influenced by her recent three years study of Intuitive Painting, following the teachings of Michele Cassou, in using a deep meditative process to access the “primitive, vulnerable, and playful forces of creativity.”  For the past 20 years Peg’s artistic talents have focused on art quilts, and she is an active member of the national Studio of Art Quilt Associates. She invites you to view her artwork at http://peacepeg.tripod.com/.  If you would like to purchase one of the pieces of artwork at MUUF, please call Peg at 703-774-6737 or contact her by email peg7000@gmail.com.

In 2017 Peg had a Fabric display at Sarasota Unitarian Universalist Church from June to September.


Ava Hils

Ava displayed her stained glass artwork in the window at the back of our sanctuary. The light shining through the designs she had created was beautiful. Some designs were especially for UUs.

Ava was born in Regensburg, Germany in 1940. After high school, she married one of her teachers, and so was home-schooled for the next 20 years. She has two daughters and one son. The daughters studied Graphic Design and French. Her son studied Computer Programming. She didn’t study but learned how to handle a difficult husband and raise three children to be good people in life. She lived in the Bradenton area for 25 years, the first 10 of them on Anna Maria Island with her American husband, where they had a Glass Business. That was the inspiration to learn how to work with Stained Glass. For many years she had a Stained Glass Studio in her house in Bradenton, where she used art work to support Rotary, to eradicate Polio once and for all in the whole world and to support a program Feeding Empty Little Tummines (FELT) for feeding homeless students in Manatee County. Contact: Ava Hills at 941-219-3088.


Grace Hirsh


A retired RN, Grace always liked to draw, but did not start to paint until she retired in 1992. She studied with several local artists and took classes over the years since retirement.

She worked in oils, but after discovering the joy of watercolors, concentrated her efforts in this medium. She also started doing some work with pastels. Her colorful florals and nature scenes reflect her love of nature. The Anna Maria Art League has displayed her work over the years. When Grace died, MUUF held a memorial service.


John Kokajko


John’s photographs show the symmetry and patterns evidenced in nature all around us, such as in the unfolding leaves and petals in plants. John shows us nature’s harmonies and the structures that are the result of natural selection. His photographs illustrate interesting borders between science, math, art, and evoke a philosophical awareness that nature is amazingly complex and beautiful at the same time. He shows us that the smallest parts of nature are integral parts of the whole, that these botanical structures are evidence that on this planet everything is connected. From Curator Matthew Woodside’s statement for South Florida Museum’s display of John’s award winning photographs in 2012.


Elayn Leopold

Elayn Leopold 001

Elayn Leopold’s most famous work is a project called “Urban Dwellers,” which includes 100 oil portraits of the homeless persons at Our Daily Bread where she volunteers to serve meals to the struggling citizens of Manatee County. Elayn got permission from each person to take their photograph, and then painted their picture. “One of the things that I thought this project could serve is for others to see the variety of people who are experiencing difficulty, that they look like real people – grandmothers or grandfathers or daughters instead of someone standing on the curb.”


Chris MacCormack

Chris300Chris MacCormack has been a member of MUUF since 1997 when she moved to Bradenton from Tampa. In 2003 she began traveling overseas regularly to teach English and also began painting again. She has taken classes at the Village of the Arts and at Manatee Center for ART. She enjoys painting scenes from her own photos of Florida and her travels in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Turkey and Thailand.

Chris has a new house with a home studio/classroom for teaching Art and Spanish.

7506 17th Ave. W, Bradenton.

Herbie Rose

Jamaican born, Herbie Rose is a graduate of the Phoenix School of Design and the Pratt Institute. His work is instantly recognizable and can be seen in many corporate offices and private collections around the world. He has conducted workshops and produced a program for Channel 21 , METV.  He had a studio in the Village of the Arts until he retired. “When I’m creating I try to tell a story, the season, the weather, putting the viewer in my shoes, surprising the eyes with color. Most of all I want to show the love I am experiencing.”  Herbie Rose died in 2017.

Al Usack

Al Usack
A Word From The Artist

I was born in Chicago in 1930.  Following the loss of their business during the depression, my family moved to a farm in Northern Wisconsin in 1934.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree in science and math education from River Falls State College in Wisconsin in 1952 and after a two year hitch in the Army, I got a Master’s Degree in Geography in 1957 from the University of Wisconsin.  I worked for the U. S Government in Washington D.C. as an economic analyst until my retirement in 1985.

I loved to draw and paint when I was a small child — I still have a report that I did in the 3rd grade that tells the story of Evangeline through words and drawings.  However, once I became a teen, my attentions changed from art to sports and scholarly pursuits.

I took up art again in my mid-thirties when a woman from our UU Church in Fairfax decided to teach a course in acrylic painting (she was a water colorist but wanted to delve into a different media).  My wife Lola and I took this course for several years and we thoroughly enjoyed learning to paint a variety of subjects as well as the company of other would-be UU artists who attended the weekly class.  We had a great time, especially when we drank the leftover wine in the church while painting – sometimes even dipping our brush into the wine instead of water!  Our class also had an art display each year and I sold a number of paintings for a nominal amount.

From that time on, I painted off and on during my leisure time. I took several courses, including one at Prince George’s Community College after I retired and one at the Manatee Art Center after I moved to Florida.  Mostly though, I have just painted on my own.

All of the paintings except the water color with the Mastodon hunters are done in acrylic.  They include several that I did in the original art class – the two primitives, the forest scene and the Brazilian farmer.  They also include two paintings I did while taking the Art Class at Prince George’s College – the painting of our model and a copy of a classical Chinese painting.  With my partner Ed’s encouragement, I have spent more time at the easel in recent years.  Among these paintings are three views around the tower at Emerson Point – the tower itself, a tree in the pathway through the woods, and the shoreline nearby.  There are also three paintings of views at our favorite summer hangout – the Deep Creek area of Western Maryland.  These include the old railroad station in Oakland, a view of the Youghiogheny River near the Farmer’s Market there, and Tolliver Falls further up on the Youghiogheny River.  The other paintings are taken from photos that I found in various places that seemed good subjects for the kind of painting I like to do.

This is the first time that I have had a showing that just included my own paintings.  Most of these were hanging on the walls of our home in Palmetto, and now with limited space in future down-sizing, it is with reluctance that I part with them.  I also have many more paintings if anyone is interested in looking them over.