MARCH:  Auction Update  Carol Bartz

Thank you to all who participated in our Annual Auction by donating, purchasing, or helping with the event. Specifically, thank you to John Isham who served as our auctioneer for the Live Auction and who together with Sally Isham, procured many gift certificates from local businesses as did Lorraine Berry. Ed Janz handled the raffle tickets; Carol Alt and Klara Weiss provided lively music; Bill Hayes, Pat Rohrer, and Mary Lou Thompson were the cashiers; Becky Smith and Karen Salzinger entered data on the computers while Sally Isham kept us organized; Walter Pascal transported items; Pat Rohrer donated all the paper goods for our meal; and working in the kitchen were Joan Butcher, Bernita Franzel, Chris MacCormack, Randy McCrea, and Jim & Connie Rovney. Jim & Connie donated (and made) the scrumptious banana cream pie as well as a variety of chocolates and pretzel snacks and won all our hearts! Thank you!

We had a few bumps in the road with our WIFI not working properly, blocking our ability to register new bidders in our online computer program, the morning of the auction, but it eventually worked just in time. At the time of this writing, the proceeds from the auction are estimated to reach $4000. This figure is lower than recent years. Any input regarding ways to improve the auction will be welcome!

There a few items still available—mostly openings at dinners. If you are interested, please see the list on the table in the social room.

Our Annual Auction is a vital part of our congregation both for meeting our budget and for building community. It gives us a chance to show off or share our talents since most of the items and events are donated by none other than MUUF members!

The most popular events are the variety of dinners and trips that occur throughout the year—these always turn out to be fun whether you are the host or one of the guests! Some of our members are pairing up to prepare and serve dinners and some are putting together creative thematic baskets. There will be a
variety of artworks and interesting items to choose from as well as raffles. It’s going to be great auction!

This year we have a number of business donated items thanks to Lorraine Berry, John & Sally Isham, Mary Lou Thompson, and Carol Bartz. Some of the restaurants that have donated to us are: Rod & Reel, Sandbar, Oyster Bar, Latte Luna, First Watch, Cody’s Original Roadhouse Grill, Mr. & Mrs. Crab,  Theresa’s Restaurant, Chicken Salad Chick, Demetrio’s Pizza, Olympic Café, Fav’s, and Birdrock Taco Shack.  There are more in the process at the
time of this writing.

We’re excited to again have a donation for one night at Hampton Inn in downtown Bradenton, former site for our Fellowship back in the 60’s.

If you would like to help set up, come and join us Friday morning, Feb. 9th at 10:00. Members will have their first view of the items at the Share A Dish
Dinner at which time they can register early for $5. This includes lunch on the 18th, a catalog, and a bidding number. Silent Auction items may be bid
upon throughout the week and both Sundays up until the Live Auction.

Linda Wilke will be preparing our lunch for the day of the Live Auction so we know that will be delicious!

Bring friends to the auction! Come with a spirit of fun and generosity