Gay Pride will be FIVE years old in Manatee County

FIFTH MANATEE GAY PRIDE     March 17, 2017

MUUF will be setting up a tent at this annual festival along Bradenton’s active Riverwalk.   Saturday.     Noon to 4 pm



 The Festival is a fund raiser for Prism Youth Initiative, with dozens of vendors selling food and t-shirts, with churches and 
community organizations giving out information. There was reported 4,000 people in
attending, enjoying the celebration.

The inspiring opening ceremony was led by the Progressive Clergy of Manatee County with Rev. Dee Graham and five other clergy sharing the stage. This was followed by an afternoon of entertainment by local musicians and performers.

The MUUF booth was well visited where we quickly ran out rainbow bracelets printed with the MUUF
website on them. We did have enough brochures for the day with lots of conversation and inquiries.   



Click here for more on Gay Pride ‎      Thanks to all who helped at the booth, Rev. Dee Graham, Gary Chanco, Chuck Wolfe, Leslie Roell, Carol Bartz, Ed Kobee, AJ Wolff, Terry Bryan and Becky Smith. A special thanks to Chris McCormack for the use of her tent and Karen Salzinger for getting our brochures typed and printed.



  March 2016

GayPride 2016


After packing up our Gay Pride paraphernalia, we lugged it all down in a misty rain to the festival site at the Bradenton Riverwalk. As we set up the tent, the rain strengthened and poured. We got wet, the flyers and decorations got wet. We were hopeful, but the drenching rain would not stop. About 1 pm we packed up and said farewell to Valerie Fisher, President of PRISM, sponsor of the event. As Rev. Bill Grossman said in his sermon to us on 3/20,” let’s get better not bitter.”




A beautiful day enjoyed by all. This Gay Pride event had food, music, dancing by our own, with lots of talk, give a ways and reunions with old friends. Click on a picture to see an enlarged slide show.




This year all we had were the basics.  In time we had a tent, two flags, a banner, Standing on the Side of Love banner, give-a-way rainbow bracelets. We grew as the festival grew. One of the MUUF members in this picture has been to all four events.

gay pride 001c