Community groups use our facility to hold meetings and conduct business as separate entities from the Fellowship. MUUF members participate. All meetings are open to the public. Click on the tab title you want to see.


OCCUPY and INDIVISIBLE-BRADENTON PROGRESSIVES have both been meeting every Monday evening. However, both groups are canceling meetings with January as the tentative month to reinstate meetings. .

Background:  OCCUPY Bradenton is the local descendant of Occupy Wall Street, dating back to October 2011. It seeks to represent the economic and social concerns of the 99% of Americans whose interests are largely dominated by the 1% at the top of the financial pyramid, the super wealthy and corporate giants who seem to control every strata of American life.  Occupy invites all who want to join the fight for many of the issues listed below, to help level the “playing field” so every citizen has a chance for the “American Dream,” to be able to sustain a decent standard of living for themselves and their families.  Occupy meets weekly at the Fellowship every Monday at 7:00 pm for discussion, education, and planning. The Third Monday is an educational program with a DVD and discussion co sponsored with the MUUF Social Justice Committee. Doors are open at 6 pm and the film begins at 6:30. pm. Check the MUUF calendar to see the educational events.   Occupy members demonstrate with other groups for issues of social justice. All events are free and open to the public.occupy

Occupy members believe in:
Ending corporate welfare/personhood
Super rich paying fair taxes
Human need, not corporate greed
Stopping militarism
Stopping war on women
Health care for all
Affordable quality education for all
A clean and sustainable plane
Ending unjust home foreclosures
Ending racial and sexual discrimination
Jobs at living wage for all who want to work
The right of workers to organize unions
Reform of immigration policies
Reform of the unjust penal system.


Contact:  Ann and Frank Dellert



Al-Anon meets every Thursday from noon to 1 pm in our Social Hall, using the front door to enter. The Al-Anon Family groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experiences gaining strength and hope in order to solve their common problems. Al-Anon believes alcoholism is a family illness and that changed attitudes can aid recovery. Al-Anon is not affiliated with any denomination, organization or political group.




Zen Meditation benefits include stress reduction, increased happiness, improved memory and improved immune system function. Those interested are encouraged to join in meditation in the Zen tradition and begin a practice that could help you change your life. Meditation is universal, being at heart like silent prayer. People of all religions are welcome. Zen at its core has the tools – the postures, practices, and guidance. Everyone can take advantage: whether one has a lot of time or only a little; whether one is flexible sitting on cushions or needs a chair; whether one is able to sit long periods or needs to move now and then.   Contact: Don (941) 915-1454



Crystal bowls meditation
This open meditation forum is to expand our understanding of meditation and how it is approached from different traditions. Meditation is a tool that helps us as we use various techniques to decrease stress in our lives, promote well-being and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, as well as strengthen our connection to the divine within.

Meeting are on Thursdays from 7:30 – 9:00 pm. Evenings are open to participants of any level, from first timers to life-time meditators.  Visitors are welcome to attend and build and expand a spiritual tool box  of meditation techniques and skills. Donations are appreciated, but no one is turned away due to lack of funds. The most important gift you can bring is an open heart and mind and a desire to connect and practice.

Nels Gullerud has been a student of meditation and comparative religions since 1979. He has had the unusual opportunity to work with high level teachers in a variety of traditional belief systems.  Walter Hodgdon has been a long time student of sound, vibration and light. He has particular interest in the sounds and tones of crystal bowls, especially in combination with crystals and crystal skulls.


Contact: Nels Gullerud   (941) 723-3822

During the year we present a seven-week series focusing on the “Chakras” or energy centers of the body. Another way of describing the chakras is as seven different perspectives through which we see and experience the world. Our Physical Vitality “vision” sees our connection to the earth and regulates our basic energy. Our Physical Connection vision experiences the duality of form and brings vitality into being. Our Physical Power vision takes action, expressing our personal power in the activities and confidence we exude. Our Emotional Compassion vision helps us to open our hearts with compassion to others and to ourselves. Our Emotional Expression vision guides our words and actions to express our heart and at the same time be aware of the way those words and actions affect others. Our Spiritual vision gives us confidence in our intuition and helps us clarify our vision for ourselves and our community. Our Spiritual Connection Vision shows us how we are all connected and experience the divine energy that flows through everything.

Each of these chakras or ways of seeing connect and build on one another, like the musical notes of the scale. Traditionally, specific toning chants help to connect to these notes as well as visualizing a specif color: Root (Base of the Spine) “Lam” Red,  Sacral (two inches below the navel) “Vam” Orange, Solar Plexus (Center of Torso) “Ram” Yellow, Heart (Center of Chest) “Yam” Green, Throat (Base of Neck) “Ham” Turquoise. Third Eye (Center of Forehead) “Om” Cobalt Indigo, Crown (Top of Head) “Mmm” Amethyst/Clear/Rainbow.

During the year we hold Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation in the sanctuary. Through the toning of a series of crystal bowls, we will be experiencing the various vibrations of sound that flow through the body and how they connect. Sound is a great way to balance and connect to our energetic nature and let go of worries and stress that we carry around with us. We will also encourage some group participation, connecting our own voices to the energy and vibration through specific toning with each of the bowls. The Crystal bowls create a rich vibrational tone that you can feel as well as hear. Like the sound made by running your finger around the rim of a crystal goblet, each bowl will sound at a particular note.


Toastmasters meets every Wednesday at 6pm. Anyone over 18 years old can join and everyone is welcome. The slogan of Toastmasters International is “Better Listening.” The club started in 1924 to help people conquer the fear of public speaking. Members give speeches and are evaluated by other members. Evaluators practice listening skills and let the speakers know what they did well and how they can improve. There are speech contests that go from club level to area, division, district and region and on to international. Toastmasters believes learning is best in times of enjoyment. February is the month for the International Club event. Contact Becky Smith:

Speechs, Table Topics, Contests






Indivisible Progressives became organized in early 2017 and has been meeting at MUUF on Monday evenings, sometimes in conjunction with Occupy-Bradenton. Mary Onna Bode can be reached at She can include you on the email list for actions during the week.

October Social Justice report:

Indivisible Bradenton Progressives is one of 5 Indivisible groups in the Sarasota-Manatee area, one of 5,800 chapters nationally – with over 100,000 members. This local group has 140 on their email list. Indivisible began in 2017 to form a grassroots movement of local groups to resist the Trump agenda, starting with opposing nominations to the Trump cabinet, supporting ACA, supporting DACA, participating in the Women’s March. Now the focus is back on health care supporting Medicare for All. Support includes post cards and phone calls to legislators, letters to the editors and demonstrations in front of Vern Buchanan’s office every Tuesday from 8:45 to 10 am. Frequent visits are made to the staff in his office to talk about issues, his voting record and give views on present concerns before the House.

Indivisible allied with Black Lives Matter and others to demonstrate for removal of the confederate statue in front of our Courthouse- which removal took place immediately. Indivisible is part of a wide coalition of grass roots groups.

Currently plans of the Aqua by the Bay housing development have violated Manatee Codes restricting dredging, and does not show standard wetland conservation easements. Indivisible members will be at the County Commissioner hearing on Oct. 3 at 9 am for a public hearing and urge your attendance. Our recent time with Irma points to a need to consider conservative use of our shore line. You can be sure Social Justice Committee members will be attending.

Indivisible meets MOST every Monday at MUUF from 7 to 8:30 pm, sometimes in conjunction with Occupy which also meets on Monday evenings.

The Steering Committee of Indivisible consists of Pat Halperin, Liv Coleman and Mary Onna Bode (former MUUF member).

For an impressive list of Indivisible Bradenton’s first100 days:

Find them on Facebook! They have 390 followers!













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