Thanks to the late Roy McChesney for beginning this group. He entertained us in the production by the Manatee Players of The Morning’s At Seven by Paul Osborn at the Manatee Performing Arts new Theater. The play reading is continuing under the direction of Lois Stilley.

The group has been active with readings of Our Town, Little Foxes, and State of the Union about back room politics which keeps reminding one of our current political climate. The Crucible was in the spring of 2016.

In July on the first and 29th we read Kaufman and Hart’s You Can’t Take it with You.  During August we rehearsed for the MUUF Talent Show on Sept. 9.  September 16 began “Death of a Salesman.”

Join us the first and third Fridays of every month at 1:30 and let loose the Barrymore ghost that lives within us all!


Contact Sally Isham
(561) 445-1229

or Contact Lois Stilley by calling the office for more information.