Our choir is open to all who love to sing. We have fun and when we sing, we communicate this joy to the rest of the Fellowship.

The songs we sing reflect our seven principles. Our songs reinforce our values. We sing about social justice, caring for each other and our planet, acknowledging that everybody has value, and promoting world peace.

Choir rehearsals are Thursday at 6.00 pm to 7:30 pm from October to April.   However, joyful singing happens all year !

 Ann Rogers, choir director to October 2015, and returned in October 2017 to present.



December Notes

We can all look forward to an abundance of Hanukkah and Christmas music in December. Hanukkah precedes Christmas – December 12 -20. All of us that provide music are feeling especially festive and want to share the festive spirit. December 10, a choir day, will also feature a Hanukkah skit with several sing-a-long songs. Ann Rogers will lead the choir. On December 17th, our pianist and accompanist, Barbara Jensen, will be joined by Tasha Robinson, harpist. (The addition of Tasha is possible due to the
generosity of the Warmington Music Fund.) We welcome her back. Who enjoys singing Christmas music? I think we all do! On December 24th, the choir, with Ann Rogers, will perform and we will have a sing-a-long of Christmas favorites, with Barbara Jensen at the piano. Eleonora Lvov will be our guest pianist and accompanist on December 31. She will also give her annual concert on the first Sunday in January, the 7th. 

November Notes from Carol Burch

Choir is underway! Our first practice on October 12 was well attended and the choir sounds wonderful!
It’s such a pleasure to welcome back Ann Rogers, our talented choir director! We are so delighted to welcome our choir accompanist and congregation pianist, Barbara Jensen. Barbara is an accomplished and seasoned pianist and accompanist.
Thanks to the Warmington Endowment Fund, we will on occasion have guest musicians. We plan to enjoy visiting musicians. Some of the guest musicians will include Tasha Robinson, Eleonora Lvov, Vicki Elmore, Betty Comora, Erol Ozsever, Jami Gee, Ismael Katz, Robin Skinner and Sam Lane.
Please take a few minutes to say “hello” to Ann and Barbara at our social hour. Let’s continue to “Make a Joyful Noise” together.
Thursdays at 6:00 pm the choir will meet for rehearsals:  November 2, 9 and 16 and 30.

August 2017

Take Up the Song

Beginning this October our choir will once again be rehearsing as they prepare to sing during Sunday morning services in November. Ann Rogers will be returning as choir director and we are delighted that she is able to do this after the medical challenges she has faced. Ann’s love of music has been so much a part of the gifts she has given to MUUF from when she first arrived. She has volunteered her time to sing with our children, played the flute during Sunday services, initiated the Family Singers group, sang in the choir, planned for musical activities with other congregations and groups, coached some of our youth for singing in the UUA Children’s Choir at General Assembly, connected with the UU Musicians Network, and, of course, directed our choir for many years.

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