2018 Sermons by Rev. Fred L Hammond

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Dec 24     Christmas Eve Hymns and Readings
Dec 23    Five Smooth Stones Sermon Series: 3 “A Just and Loving Community”
Dec 16    Five Smooth Stones Sermon Series: 2 “Mutual Respect”
Dec 9     Five Smooth Stones Sermon Series; 1 “Revelation vs Continuous”
Nov 18    “Transgender Day of Remembrance”     https://youtu.be/4DcNsNTt-nA
Nov 11    Ethelred Brown: A Determined Faith”
Nov 4     “Covenantal Faith: Worshipping Together”
Oct 21   “Michael Servetus: A Universalist Perspective”   .    https://youtu.be/BLXUi1Q40yg
Oct 14    “Covenantal Faith:  Membership”
Oct 7       “Passion of Saints Serge and Bacchus”
Sept 23   unavailable
Sept 16  “Accountability in Democracy”
Sept 9     “Redemption”     First Sermon   :   https://youtu.be/a6_6POr67-0

2018 Sermons by Guest Speakers

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Dec 30      
Dec 2 Honoring our Veterans” Rev. Robert Tucker  
Nov 25 UU Service Committee Chris MacCormack  
Oct 28 Day of the Dead Peggy Dickson https://youtu.be/4ycBUzRGTBs
Sept 30 Living Principles Organically Andrew Hudson  
Sept 2 Signs of Spiritual Awakenings Rev. Frank Papandrea https://youtu.be/RXiFbNZlLDU
Aug 26 Selling Out For Soup Rev. Gary Batey  
Aug 19 Okay, Where were We Connie Goodbread  
Aug 12 A Little Tour of Logic Rev. Robert P. Tucker  
Aug 5 Silence is Betrayal Rev. Charles McKenzie  
July 1 New Tax Law, 2nd Amendment David Finklestein, Attny  
July 8 All You Need is Love Rev. Frank Papandrea  
July 15 Installation of Board of Directors John Isham, Pres MUUF  
July 22 Ready or Not, It’s About Change Rev. Dr. Toni LaMotta  
July 29 Boxing God Rev. Gary Batey  
June 3 What I have learned about Death Rev. Paige Getty  
June 10 Waiting for the Minority Report Pastor Thomas H. Poole, Jr  
June 17 The Phenomenon of Life Joe Simonetta  
June 24 One Nation Under Law Rev. Robert P. Tucker  
May 27 Will We Ever Learn Peace Rev. Gary Batey  
May 20 Gaia, Mother Earth, Oneness Jim Scott  
May 13 The Art of Mothering MUUF Singers Mothers Day
May 6 Flower Communion Sally Isham, Lorraine Berry  
Apr 29 Darwin’s Daring Deed Rev. Robert P. Tucker  
Apr 22 7 Words to Change the World Joe Simonetta  
Apr 15 Second Amendment David Finklestein  
Apr 8 Miriam the Prophetess Cantor Riselle Bain  
Apr 1 Easter – Past and Present Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier  
Mar 25 Easter and Passover Rabbi Michael Sternfield  
Mar 18 Giving Living Rev. Frank Papandrea https://youtu.be/FHCPSTeup9M
Mar 11 Saints? Rev. Robert P. Tucker  
Mar 4 Power, Problems, Possibilities Rev. Gary Batey  
 Feb. 25  Cosmic Religion of the Future  Dr. Paul Carr  
 Feb. 18  Standing in the Gap Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier  
Feb. 11 In the Presence of Greatness Rev. Robert Tucker Feb. 11 YouTube

Feb. 4

Maladapted Citizens

 Rev. Charles McKenzie


Jan. 28

Our Universalist Roots and Branches

Rev. Kalen Fristad



Jan. 21  Common Duty and Responsibility  Imam Azhar Subedar



Jan. 14  Where Do We Go From Here?  Rodney Jones



 Jan. 7  Do You See What I See?  Rev. Gary Batey  https://youtu.be/QCgddz72Xol

2017 sermons can be seen on You Tube. Connecting URLs are listed.

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Dec. 31  “My Universalism” Andrew Hudson  https://youtu.be/QCgddz72XoI
Dec. 24  “Holiday Memories”  MUUF members  Unavailable
Dec.17  “On Whose Shoulders Do We Stand?”

 Bonnie Norton

Audio version only 

Dec. 10  “The Story of Hanukkah”  Carol Burch  
Dec. 3  “We Did Build a Wall.”  Arlene Pearlman


Nov. 26 “If experience is such a good teacher” Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier  https://youtu.be/WLlP0i9FWWw
Nov. 19 “Guest at Your Table” Christine MacCormack  https://youtu.be/UMaLLYrLV6E
Nov. 12 “Overcoming Fear” Rev. Frank Papandrea https://youtu.be/WU31SI1ohdA
Nov. 5 “Crisis in Puerto Rico” Millie Lugo-Ferdinand https://youtu.be/aDJMzkrb0VE
Nov. 5 “Honoring our Ancestors: A Service of Remembrance” Lisa Bohn and Peggy Dickson https://youtu.be/Kf_FaVW3V98
Oct. 29 “Sanhaim: The Celtic Roots of Halloween” Charles Allen  https://youtu.be/L-Kh3laj-OU
Oct. 22 “Church and State” Rev. Gary Batey https://youtu.be/NQOqBHsUqE4
Oct.15 “All in the Family- or Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Rev. Khleber Van Zandt https://youtu.be/XKYwJ0-CcBM

Oct. 8

“What in God’s Name…” Rev. Thomas Poole  https://youtu.be/RpSGXOvWXeA

Oct. 1

“The Omega Conspiracy’ Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier https://youtu.be/0EYl1ip1T6Q

Sept. 24

“The Problem with Creeds Rev. Robert Tucker https://youtu.be/twlf0aPLFuw

Sept. 17

“Loving KIndness” Nels Gullerud and Walter Hodgdon  https://youtu.be/aDJMzkrb0VE

Sept. 10

Cancelled because of Hurricane Irma       ————-        ——————————– 

Sept. 3

“Strong People = Strong Congregations” Rev. Frank Papandrea https://youtu.be/pIPhT2kad8I

August 27

 “The Truth of the Matter”  Rev. Katy Korb


August 20

 “A Troubadour’s Pursuit of the Elusive American Spirit”  Bill Schustik

Not Available

August 13

“When Justice Returns”

Rev. Thomas J. Poole, Jr.


August 6

“Fasting for Yom Kippur”

Rabbi Michael Sternfield


July 30

“My Experience with Mental Illiness”

Francine Nowotny


July 23

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

Kristofer Geddie


July 16

“The Declaration’s Diety”

Dr. Robert Tucker


July 9

“Enchanted Tail of a Harp Hero”

Tasha Robinson


July 2

“Fantastic Faith”

Connie Goodbread


June 25

“Immigration and Social Justice Issues Affected by New Administration Policy”

David Finkelstein


June 18

“Father’s Day Memories”

Four MUUF Members

Not available

June 11


Mindy Simmons

Not Available

June 4

“Blessing of the Animals”

Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier

Not available

May 28

“Happiness is a Choice”

Rev. Frank Papandrea


May 21

“Faith & Feminism”

Rev. Katie Kulbert


May 21

Project Light

Chris Mac Cormack


May 14

“Moms Say the Darndest Things”

Lisa Bohn & RE Dept.


May 7

“Flower Communion”

Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier


April 30


Rev. Margaret Beard


April 23

“Justice is Non-Partisan “

Rev. Khleber Van Zandt


April 16

“Crossroads: Easter and Passover”

Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier


April 9

“Freedom Riders”

Rev. Gary Batey


April 2

“Risible Epistles”

Dr. Robert Tucker


March 26

“Learning for Life”

Rev. Margaret Beard


March 19

“Does Organized Religion Cause People to Be Better or Worse?”

Rabbi Michael Sternfield


March 12

“What Does Your Life Amount To?

Rev. Dee Graham


March 5

“Will This Be on the Test?”

Rev. Gary Batey


Feb. 26

“Paul Tillich: Climate Prophecy vs Profit”

Paul Carr


Feb. 19

“Safety of Our Congregations”

Rev. Margaret Beard


Feb. 12

“How to Love the Hell Out of the World”

Rev. Dee Graham


Feb. 5

“Universalism: Past, Present and Powerful”

Rev. Kalen Fristad


Jan. 29

“Make the Environment Great Again”

Glenn Compton


Jan. 22

“What Are You Doing Here?”

Rev. Margaret Beard


Jan. 15

Message for Us from the Birmingham Jail”

Rodney Jones


 Jan. 8  “The Nature of Epiphany”  Rev. Dee Graham


 Jan. 1  “Be Do-ers Not Hear-ers Only”

Rev. Emmalou Kirchmeier