July 2

“Fantastic Faith”

Rev. Connie Goodbread will be our speaker. As we move into such an uncertain future, what in Unitarian Universalism gives us strength and hope. What is it that we can depend on in times of trouble and what is it that supports celebration in times of joy? What is the foundation of our faith? How is this unique path? What makes Unitarian Universalism a spiritual discipline that informs and supports individual faith development? What challenges us to be the very best that we can be? What make this a faith worth living for? What makes this a fantastic faith? Music: Jami Gee

July 9

“Enchanting Tale of a Harp Hero”

Tasha Robinson – will be our speaker and musician. Let’s go on a musical journey with Tasha the Happening Harp Hero. We will discover together all the sounds that a harp can make from thunder to a rainstorm across the desert. This journey is with the audience and Tasha together finding their way. Audience participation is a must as you help Tasha make choices on her journey in both the harp as a sound effects expert as well as an incredible storyteller! We will all discover how mesmerizing the harp can be especially when movement, song and storytelling are present.

July 16

“The Declaration’s Deity”

Our Guest Speaker will be the Rev. Dr. Robert P. Tucker, Ph.D., Minister Emeritus of the UU Congregation of Lakeland, FL. In belated honor of Independence Day, his sermon will explain just who was “The Declaration’s Deity.” (Hint: It was not the god worshiped by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell!) Music: Tasha Robinson

July 23

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story”

Kris Geddie, Director of Diversity for Venice Theatre, says diversity is changing, our world is changing, we can either change with it or be left behind, what do we leave behind?

Music: Sam Lane

Special Collection: Centerstone

July 30

“My Experiences with Mental Illness”

Francine Nowotny will be our speaker and will discuss the onset of her mental illness and some of her symptoms and experiences, specifically with delusions. She will address taking medications and the process it involves, along with the beginning process of healing and recovery.

Music: Erol Ozserver