JULY 2019:  Highlights from the June Board Meeting


     Highlights of Board Meeting June 25, 2019

  • Work has begun to set up a process to implement our by-laws amendment for a conflict resolution process.
  • The worship retreat began planning two special services 1/26/20 and 4/19/20 and agreed on a theme of world religions for our 2019-2020 year.
  • The Board approved a proposal from UU of Lakewood Ranch to join them in having a table at the Bradenton Farmers’ Market Mainly Art 11/16/19 to sell member created artwork with the proceeds going to Turning Points.  Doing so will serve to promote a working relationship with Lakewood Ranch UU, raise some funding for Turning Points, and generate some visibility for MUUF to the local community.
  • The transgender online course will be purchased and charged to the Warmington Fund.
  • Rev. Fred attended online UUMA ministry days and UUA General Assembly.We paid the difference needed to meet our fair share in the UUA Annual Program Fund for 2018-2019 and acknowledged that we will, as budgeted, meet our fair share for 2019-2020.
  • The AC unit upstairs needed to be replaced and has been taken care of.
  • Work on the grounds and Memorial Garden is beginning.
  • The Membership Committee brings to attention the importance of everyone being friendly and welcoming to guests and is considering setting up some role playing experiences for our members.
  • The Board approved the proposed special collections organizations submitted by the Social Justice Committee for July 2019-Dec. 2019.  In response to the Social Justice Committee’s desire to endorse climate focus as the issue of the year the board indicated that more expansion of the idea is needed.
  • Randy McCrea reported on the success of the Promotion Workshops held on four consecutive Saturday mornings resulting in a number of action plans.
  • The possibility of purchase of a shade cover for the deck was discussed following a presentation by Bill Denison. 
  • In response to an anonymous offer to purchase a garbage disposal the board decided to table a decision until more information is gathered.
  • Thank you to the Mitchells and Denisons for setting up new seating arrangements in the social room.
  • We would like to have a volunteer for adding Rev. Fred’s name to the front sign on the building as well as a volunteer to coordinate Share a Dish dinners and programs.



Board Members

2018-2019:  John Isham –  President, Carol Bartz – Vice President, Randall Coleman – Secretary, Mary Lou Thompson – Treasurer, Bill Hayes – Assistant Treasurer.  Members at large: Doris Sutliff,  Pat Rohrer, AJ Wolff and Sandy McCarthy.