President’s Message for March 2019 

John Isham


March is the busiest month of the year for us. (And it has the busiest traffic of the year.) It is a good test of our relationship principles and patience when we are cut off by Ohio, slowed down by lost Michigan, or run off the road by a truck on stilts from Arkansas. Because our volunteers wear many hats, we all are running hither and yon trying to keep ahead of things. We need volunteers, we need active people who take pride in accomplishment and in helping others.

Volunteering is empowering. Seeing results and satisfaction in a job well done puts you to sleep at night. We need a good garden person, a person with a practiced eye for color and appearance in landscaping. We need an events coordinator, someone who gets charged by putting on shows and fund raisers that can attract and entertain community people, an idea person. We need members who have a talent or a bent toward some favorite task they enjoy to come forward and ask how they can help.

Right now, the 2019-2020 Budget, the Stewardship Drive, the Bylaw revisions and new Financial Management occupy all our efforts. These will last right up until Stewardship Sunday, March 10th and the Annual Meeting, April 7th. Key here is your enhanced response to our Stewardship drive and your increased support to our future and our growth. Last year we voted unanimously to hire a full time minister to bring more life, more growth, more UUism into all of our lives. We all took a financial risk. It is working. Now all of our services feel good, are more consistent, and are more satisfying and life fulfilling. This is what your past pledging has done and this is what increasing your commitment will help continue. Sally and I are adding 50% to our pledging amount for 2019-2020. Won’t you join us with your own substantial pledge increase for this coming year? Help to make MUUF your most satisfying and anticipated event to look forward to every week.

Presidents Since the 50th Anniversary
John Isham  2018 to 2020
Carol Bartz   2016  to 2018
Martha Pelletier 2015
Bill Peruzzi:(winter) and Martha Pelletier (summer)   2014
Bill Peruzzi (winter) and Joan Butcher (summer)  2013
Grace Hirsch January 2012
Lorraine Berry  2009-2011