President’s Message for July 2019 

                                              John Isham                                                                   




Words Are Windows

(or They’re Walls)

I feel so sentenced by your words,

I feel so judged and sent away,

Before I go I’ve got to know,

Is that what you mean to say?

Before I rise to my defense,

Before I speak in hurt or fear,

Before I build that wall of words,

Tell me, did I really hear?

Words are windows, or they’re walls,

They sentence us or set us free.

When I speak and when I hear,

Let the love light shine through me.

There are things I need to say,

Things that mean so much to me,

If my words don’t make me clear,

Will you help me to be free?

If I seemed to put you down,

If you felt I didn’t care,

Try to listen through my words,

To the feelings that we share.

—Ruth Bebermeyer

Sooner or later, even in the best of Fellowships, we will have a ‘situation.’ It is inevitable. People are people. Our strengths are our personal beliefs and sometimes we clash. One of the five goals for our new minister is to establish a path to be able to resolve these clashes quickly before they fester and undermine a member, a group or the entire congregation.

We want to establish these paths to resolution and communicate to all what the paths are so that members (or friends) have somewhere to go before they are overwhelmed with frustration and hurt. The path can be chosen by the concerned member or recommended by designated people who recognize the need. Absolute confidentiality must be followed. Paths for person to person, person to group, person to the Fellowship, person to the minister conflicts will be established and made known to all. At the present time a member or friend may contact the minister, the president, John Steinmeyer, or a trusted member if they wish to begin a direction to resolution. A conversation with a designated member of the Right Relations Team will result in suggestions as to where to start. At present the designated people are the minister, the president or John Steinmeyer.

We have been fortunate to be relatively free of conflicts for a long while now and it shows. The excitement and friendship seen in the congregation is evident. In the months to come, we want to begin workshops on non-violent communication for all interested members to attend. If we all are better equipped to deal with adversity and learn the techniques of right relations, perhaps we can nip in the bud most ‘situations’ which will arise.


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