Highlights of July Board of Directors meeting
by Carol Bartz

Some of the items discussed during Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s board meeting held July 28 via Zoom were:

  • In returning from his General Assembly/vacation/study leave time Fred L Hammond reported that he utilized some of his time in preparing the upcoming year’s worship services with the premise that our facility would remain closed and that we would be operating virtually. For the upcoming year his vacation/study time will be more dispersed throughout the year.
  • Fred expressed a need to re-examine our five goals that the congregation set prior to his arrival to address how the present pandemic affects meeting these goals or how they might need to be adjusted or changed with a new action plan.
  • John Isham spoke of the need to enable visitors to more easily find us and our virtual services and the prospect of streaming our services on Facebook, You Tube, or other venues was discussed. The board discussed possibly hiring someone to direct technology, live streaming, website development as well as purchase of equipment that could be needed.
  • Additionally, members and others have a need for MUUF to be a place of nurturing for their spirit and to provide hope. Small group Zoom gatherings during the week could offer this since it seems Sunday services and the Thursday morning chat groups are not enough. One idea is to add “Heart to Heart” sessions on Zoom which would be similar to our chalice circles.
  • The Membership Committee will be meeting soon and will be reaching out to members from the recently dissolved Sun City Center Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to extend an invitation to get to know one another.
  • With the help of the PPE loan from the federal government combined with our members continuing to come forth with their pledged amount, our finances are remaining stable. At this time, we do not yet know if the loan will need to be repaid.
  • The Finance Committee is working together with Karen Salzinger on a slightly new format to designate the categories for the financial reports.
  • There is a need for a Right Relations procedure to be established and written.
  • The Worship Team has been meeting twice a week preparing Sunday services including a tech rehearsal as new ideas are explored and tried.
  • Some members of Social Justice Committee have been working on Get Out the Vote by encouraging voter registration and voting by mail. Letters and phone calls to national, state, and local officials are encouraged as well.

Board Members

2020-2021:  John Isham –  President, Carol Bartz – Vice President, Randall Coleman – Secretary, Bill Hayes – Treasurer, Sharon Chofey – Assistant Treasurer. Members at large: Doris Sutliff,  Pat Rohrer, AJ Wolff and Sandy McCarthy, Ted Medrek.