September report:  Highlights of August 27 meeting of Board of Directors.

  • The president reported that we are making progress on improving the Memorial Garden, the kitchen and social room and researching Non Violent Communications for the Right Relations committee.
  • The board voted 6 to 1 to endorse Climate Justice and the Manatee Clean Air Alliance (MCEA). Also agreed the MCEA will be able to meet once a month without charge.
  • The Board voted to approve the installation of a sun-shade over a portion of the deck as long as the purchase and installation costs less than $300.
  • The Board is still looking for a person to step up to add Rev. Fred’s name to the front sign.
  • A concerted attempt will be made to rejuvenate our support of Our Daily Bread.
  • A plan was submitted to accomplish the recertification of our UUA Green Sanctuary rating.
  • Social Justice reported special collections of $788 for F.E.L.T., $510 for HOPE and $244 for UUSC from the MUUF mini auction.
  • The president reported the appointment of Bill Denison as chair of the Finance committee.
  • Rev. Fred gave descriptive talks about his plans
      • for small group ministries using the text, “Heart to Heart”;
      • his plans for the Transgender online course,
      • and a future plan to join a South Florida Interfaith Social Justice group called DART.


Board Members

2018-2019:  John Isham –  President, Carol Bartz – Vice President, Randall Coleman – Secretary, Mary Lou Thompson – Treasurer, Bill Hayes – Assistant Treasurer.  Members at large: Doris Sutliff,  Pat Rohrer, AJ Wolff and Sandy McCarthy.

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