Highlights of February 25 Board of Directors meeting

· Our stewardship drive has begun: a letter (including a pledge card) has been mailed to members and friends, cottage meetings are scheduled for four different February and March dates, and five individuals have or will be giving a short “testimony” talk during our Sunday morning services leading up to Stewardship Sunday.

· The transition of the Nominating Committee towards the greater role of the new Leadership Development Committee was discussed as it is outlined in our bylaws approved 4/7/19.

· John Steinmeyer will be leading the workshop on nonviolent communication to be held March 14.

· John Isham reported on the meeting in Sarasota he attended to observe the process being used by SURE (Sarasota United for Responsibility and Equity) to coordinate their efforts on bringing about affordable housing in Sarasota. The next meeting of the Sarasota group will be March 23. Their processes can serve as a model for the newly formed DART (Direct Action and Research Training) in Manatee County. MUUF will have a special collection on May 24 for this newly formed group of local congregations that we are participating with.

· The board approved Mary Frances Kordick as one of our two delegates to go to General Assembly in Providence, RI in June. One more delegate spot is available to represent MUUF with voting privileges and that person may choose to attend GA in person or via internet.

· MUUF’s presence at the Gay Pride Day 3/21/20 was discussed. A number of people have already signed up to represent us at the table and there are items to hand out.

· Randy McCrea has created an organizational chart which is now included in our new directory. Related to this is the need for our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to be updated.

· Possible restructuring of the Social Justice Committee was discussed so that its activities can be more inclusive and more effective by clarifying its mission, issues, and identity.

· The board granted approval as requested by Bernita Franzel to apply for the UU Get Out the Vote grant which will give up to $500 funds for encouraging homebound voters to vote by mail-in-ballot. This would be used to purchase stamps, envelopes, labels, and flyers for ten local organizations that are registering voters as well as for MUUF members who may wish to knock on doors to encourage use of mail in ballots.

· Carol Bartz reported that the current figure for profit for the auction is $6921.75 and that there are a few items such as dinners still available. There was a tremendous increase in the participatory dinners, lessons, and events offered and purchased this year. Our first year accepting credit card payments went well with over $1300 being collected via the use of Square. Though business donations were many, plans to start earlier so that larger corporate donations can be sought are under way for next year.

· The Worship Team reported that members have responded favorably to recent services and outlined some of the future services being planned. Plans for Worship Associate Training in October were mentioned.

· AJ Wolff shared some research on the possible purchase of new chairs for the sanctuary. Chairs that have armrests are especially desirable for those with physical challenges.

· Based on survey results re hearing impaired as well as the high cost, the board decided not to purchase the Acoustic Loop at this time.

Board Members

2018-2019:  John Isham –  President, Carol Bartz – Vice President, Randall Coleman – Secretary, Bill Hayes – Treasurer.  Members at large: Doris Sutliff,  Pat Rohrer, AJ Wolff and Sandy McCarthy.