Parking is available in our lot and on the East side of 15th Street. Two handicap spots are by the front door. A drop off spot is on the south side of the building with a ramp to the front door.

We dress informally and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere throughout.

Visitors are welcomed at the Visitor Table inside the front door. Visitors get a name tag and program. Large Prints are available.

The Service begins at 10:30 am and usually ends about 11:30 am.

Three Sundays each month our full time minister speaks: Rev. Fred Hammond.  Other Sundays a guest speaker from our area or a retired minister or a presentation by members or regular pianist or visiting musician.

An offering is taken for the benefit of MUUF. Once a month a special collection is taken for a local charity. First time guests are not expected to donate to the offerings.

A Sample Sunday Bulletin includes:


Welcome and Announcements
Prelude by our pianist
Chalice Lighting -the symbol of our faith
Opening Words
*Opening Hymn
Responsive Reading
Prayers of the Community
Silent Meditation
*Closing Hymn
Extinguishing the Chalice

Coffee Hour begins right after the service.  Stay to munch and chat and check out the information boards. In nice weather, social time on the deck is very pleasant.

After the service and coffee hour frequently there are meetings which visitors are welcome to attend..