President’s Message for March 2020
 John Isham

2050, The Future, then and now.

It is predicted that by 2050 the oceans will rise from 10.69 inches up to 21.58 inches higher than they are today.* Cities will have to move to higher ground.  Where will they be built and what kind of social upheaval will be caused by the forced migration?  Will it be orderly or chaotic?  The social and logistical implications are enormous.

It is predicted that by 2045 AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) will evolve in a singularity, a state where AGI will be one billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today.** What will we do with it, or more correctly, what will it do with us? And how will it handle climate change?

It is predicted that by 2021, we may see the end of democracy and the end of the rule of law in the United States. Autocracy may rule. It depends on the November 2020 vote.  After 30 more years then, what might be the state of affairs in the US and the world? It overpowers the imagination considering what things might be like. Many of us will be gone, but what about our children and theirs? What do we hope for them?

Can we do anything besides look worried and wring our hands?  You are darn right we can, and that is to do all we can to get out the vote.  We can’t stop climate change and we can’t stop developing artificial general intelligence, but we can do everything in our power to make sure all citizens vote, and the election is fair. We need the largest voter turnout in the history of our country.  This means walking neighborhoods to register people, it means sitting at public tables encouraging voter registration, it means driving people to the polls, it means convincing people of the importance of their vote.  It means calling and writing our state and national legislators to prevent the illegal manipulation of our elections. We have eight months to accomplish this, the most important thing in our immediate future. Nothing is more important at this point in time in our country.  Work with us to get out a fair and complete vote. Please go to and sign up for UU the Vote 2020.  Read all the links, 50 Ways, etc.




Presidents Since the 50th Anniversary
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