President’s Message for December 2019 

                                                                                            John Isham                                                                   

Visiting Santa Barbara, California

In Florida we spend our time attempting to explain climate change to non-believers, trying to show the evidence and where it is coming from, giving programs on the causes and the potential results, essentially trying to educate and convince people about what is happening.  I am writing this from Santa Barbara, CA, where there are no questions regarding what is happening, but where people are examining how they are going to live with it and how to prepare. They know the change is coming and are trying to understand how we will cope, physically, mentally and emotionally.  It is acknowledged that the environmental future will not be a continuation of the status quo of the past: it will bring unknown differences and new demands, new conflicts, interactions and security problems. What are they and what will they be like?

My daughter has a friend here in Santa Barbara who is an environmental lawyer. He is conducting seminars striving to prepare people to cope with what is coming.  He begins with a session on gratitude for what we have (hug the trees, they provide us with oxygen [&love, &connectedness].) He trains groups and teaches how to be mentally resilient and adaptable to the coming changes.  He teaches mental acceptance and emotional serenity about the inevitability and how these are the keys to being able to successfully prepare and adapt. A website dealing with these questions is: and asks the following questions:

“How do you understand the political and social context in which we gather? What is taking place on the planet and why is it happening? What are the implications of these changes for the earth and all living beings? How do we choose to conduct ourselves in the face of these grave dangers? Given what we know, how do we live now?” Menus on the website lead to many articles, books and papers that address these questions.  The approach is a low key and intelligent and calm way to prepare for the inevitable changes. When my daughter’s friend completes his program and makes it available on the Internet, I hope to present it to MUUF as a share-a-dish event. 

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