President’s Message for November 2020
 John Isham


         John Isham

It is two days before the election of our next president.  The outcome of the election has much to do with our future.  It will be decided before this is printed and emailed so you all know now how things turned out.  Let’s first talk about the impact of the pandemic on our future openings.  If Biden prevails, our doors will open much sooner.  The pandemic will be controlled, and a vaccine will be available to protect getting and spreading the virus.  We will be able to hold services in the building with appropriate precautions.  People will know how susceptible they are and will attend accordingly.  If Trump prevails, no attempt will be made to control the virus and it will run away in the population with devastating consequences and uncountable deaths.  Only those infected or vaccinated will consider themselves safe, that is if permanent immunity is obtained with a vaccine or proven infection.  Since already, two people are known to have contracted the disease twice, immunity may be a function of chance or case severity or even with the rate of re-exposure.  Since the possibility of infection or re-infection will be in the air everywhere all the time, no one will be able to be sure, virus shots may become as common as flu shots.  In either case, we must look to masks and social distancing for a long time into the future.  Under Biden we will be able to count on the accuracy of the government’s reporting of the pandemic statistics and the reliability of the advice regarding how to conduct ourselves socially.  Those willing to adhere to WH recommendations should feel socially safe.  Only under Biden do I see a chance of real, safe, in-person services in the relatively near future.

Now let’s consider climate change and ocean rise.  If Biden is elected, many of the Obama regulations will be re-instated.  We have lost four years to increased pollution and have become the ridicule of the world, but that will be rapidly turned around and we will be able to again strive for a clean energy future.  We will re-establish our ties with other sane nations of the world who believe we have to make a difference for the sake of our families and the future populations of all the nations of the world.  We should be able to work with local entities to prepare for ocean rise and work to make existing buildings and new construction more energy efficient.  We will be able to choose projects where we can push for the green and energy efficient side of things.  Money should become available to support these efforts. We, meaning MUUF, will be able to take an active part in in these projects.  If Trump is reelected, we will lose four more years polluting the earth with increased emissions and increased environmental damage.  The predicted tipping point of no return will be much closer if not unavoidable. Any small projects we at MUUF will be able to support will have little or no impact on the whole.  Rejection theories of the hoax of climate change will dominate the political scene making attempts to change attitudes and the overall direction, futile. 

So, the hand wringing continues for three days, if not more if a legal challenge is started. Social Security and Medicare are on the line, despite words to the contrary.  It is hard for us to move forward in this unsure atmosphere. Will we be in a world where we can move forward with high hopes for a better future or will we be in a place where we spend all our efforts trying to plug holes in a failing democracy which favors only the top one percent?  Let’s hope for the result which allows us to move forward again.  May that be the subject of my next report.


Presidents Since the 50th Anniversary
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