President’s Message for September 2019 

                                              John Isham                                                                   

The MUUF Men’s group meeting this month was about assisted suicide.  In spite of the topic, it was one of our best meetings to date. One of the great reasons for being a UU is having a venue where one can discuss “taboo” topics and compare thoughts and ideas without being judged.  It set me wondering if I should prepare a bucket list of things I would like answered before I become fish food. One is, “When did life begin on Earth?”(1) If you believe in evolution, all life has evolved from the first cell that was able to absorb energy and reproduce.  It happened over 3.7 billion years ago on our Earth about 840 million years after it was formed. Was it a random event, the combining of the multiple necessary chemical structures for the first time? Did it start in a deep ocean hydrothermal vent? Was it induced by a lightning strike? Was it carried here on a meteorite making all of us “unearthly”? Was it a spore that drifted here from another civilization?  Or was it a supreme being who stepped out in space and said he/she was lonely. I hope the answer will come out of one of our research labs soon.

Or a second question: when did life become conscious, self-aware.  Are other animals conscious and self-aware? 

As UUs we can all have our own layperson’s theories. We can discuss them in our meetings and have fun knocking each other’s pet beliefs.  There are no indisputable facts we are told we must believe, and if we don’t, we are going somewhere nobody wants to go. That is true freedom, mental freedom. Being a UU can be fun, rewarding and self-fulfilling. Enjoy being a UU.

(1) The study of Abiogenesis, the origin of life, combines: molecular biology, astrobiology, biochemistry, biophysics, geochemistry, mathematics and statistics, oceanography, and paleontology to determine how chemical reactions gave rise to life.


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