Knitting4Peace with AJ Wolff and Carol Alt

 The knitting group meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 10:00 am. The group is a “drop in” open gathering that meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 10:00 am-noon. BUT we will be off on vacations during the summer and plan to meet again in September.

In May, AJ Wolff continued with our monthly delivery of Peace Pal dolls to Hope Family Services. The dolls are given to the children who come in the shelter as well as given to children in counseling at their schools. Hope Family Services help nearly 480 women with children of which 300 are children recovering from domestic violence. The staff is always excited to see the dolls. For more information and Hope Chest Thrift Store in Bradenton, where you can buy and give items. 

Do you have a favorite charity that would like donations of knitted items? We would love to hear about them.

In March we continued with our many projects sending seven scarves to Knit4Peace which brings our total sent of 20 colorful scarves. March also continued with our monthly delivery of Peace Pal dolls to Hope Family Services. 

The second Welcoming blanket made the  deadline of March 1 for the Welcoming Blanket Project. New member, Mary crocheted the border.

  February was a productive month with the finishing of a second Welcoming Blanket and many colorful scarves and Peace Pal dolls. If you would like to learn more about the Welcome Blanket Project

We are so happy to continue our support of their humanity work.

Do you have a favorite charity that wants donations of knitted items? We would love to hear about them.

We each knit squares that were knit or crocheted together into a quilt, an old time “crazy quilt.” See 

Congratulations to Doris Sutliff. She completed her first beautiful scarf. Carol Alt finshed some scarves too.

If you don’t have the free time to come to our gatherings but would like to help by making a square of knitting or crocheting for the creation of the next project, please contact me. (AJ Wolff 941-725-0776)

In December and January and February AJ made more Peace Pal Dolls for Hope Family Services. The staff was all smiles at seeing them and are giving them out to children who need a little love in a time of crises in their lives. Over the last couple of months, they have given away all 40 dolls she made for them. They told me how giving a child a doll put a smile on their face. “That really made my day!” she said.

Our Knitting4Peace group met one day a month during the summer We knit various items to send to Denver where knit items are sent out to clinics in 3rd World Countries. For example, scarves are sent to dental clinics in Honduras. Also baby bibs and blankets are other projects.

We mailed knitted scarves by Bernita Franzel and Carol Alt, and peace dolls by AJ Wolff to Knitting 4Peace 

Our work was on display. before the second shipment went off to Knitting 4 Peace in Denver.

We have an assortment of yarns so knitters can choose the colors and textures they want. Lots of yarn has been donated and we have help for new knitters.  One meeting AJ brought cotton yarn and everyone had fun making kitchen wash cloths.

 Our MUUF Group is listed in the National Directory on

The first mailing was AJ Wolff’s 24 Peace Pal Dolls. Knitting4Peace has a request for more than 1,000 dolls for upcoming deliveries to South Sudan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Haiti.

The Knitting4Peace Organization was founded in 2006 It has delivered items to more than 122,555 people living in communities across the United States and 70 countries around the world.

Knitting 4 Peace is dedicated to knitting together the global Beloved Community. They do their work one person at a time … one stitch at a time … one delivery at a time … one day at a time. How does this work? By knitting needed items and sending to the people who need them, here and around the world.

At our knitting meeting we share and ideas. If you have never knitted before that is ok we will teach you. Carol, AJ, and Bernita are all long-time knitters and happy to teach you. AJ started knitting by her grandmother’s side at a very early age making doll blankets, (no need for winter scarf in San Francisco) and by middle school age knitting sweaters. Small blankets or scarves are great starter projects for the beginner. If you have your own project you would like to work on and share in the fun, please come as well. Everyone welcome.

Pictured here are some of the wonderful scarfs and hats that were sent to the Knitting4Peace organization. The inventory will be sent on to health clinics in third world countries to be given to patients.

Check out their website to learn more. We have learned of another knitting/sewing project that we are going to participate in: The Welcome Blanket Project . We will be making blankets to give to new U.S. immigrants. This is a practical gift which will also carry words of welcome and connection. The blankets will be displayed at a museum in Atlanta between June 3 and September 8. The exhibition is called:Welcoming Blankets,

Message from the January Knitting4Peace Newsletter from the founder Susan McKee:

Every time we knit or crochet or quilt with the firm intention that our action carries the power of Hope and the fierce radicalism of Compassion, we make a difference in our world. Every time we deliver Peace Pals or beautifully crafted shawls or warm winter mittens or baby blankets for struggling infants or sleeping mats for homeless children, we deliver the promise of hope and the empowerment of being recognized and respected, and we make a difference in our world. Do not let the daunting statistics overwhelm you. Do not let the daily headlines depress you. Do not let your courage and resilience be sabotaged. YOU. YOU! YOU have the power to make a difference in the life of one other person. Every single day. And that makes ALL the difference. In your life and in our world.