At a Congregational Meeting, MUUF voted to sponsor the organization Manatee Clean Energy Alliance and work with them to support Clean Energy in Manatee County by 2035, Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 is also striving for this goal.

For information on MCEA, go to their website:


Meeting Minutes – 10-21-19

Attendees: Holly, Steve, John D, Susan, Jim, Don, Tim, Karen, John I, Bill, Carolyn, and welcome to new attendees: Ruth Lawless, Susan Thompson and Marcia Milne

  1.  Welcome – Introduction of Guests
  2.  9-16-19 Meeting – Review of To Dos (see VII Executive Team below)
  3. CCL Report – Susan/John
    a. Sarasota City Commission endorsed HR 763
    b. Susan is going to DC in three weeks for lobbying
  4. Climate Parents Report – Diana
    a. I had first climate science/activism class at the DeSoto Boys & Girls Club
    b. Karen joined me at the club last week and took most of the interview with Guiseppe Sabella (Bradenton Herald), including a video of her explaining the Climate Tech curriculum. Guiseppe’s article is delayed a bit longer as he interviews science teachers from some other counties. Manatee County refused to let him interview a science teacher in our district.
    c. Ruth has a contact at Just For Girls, Becky Caresse. Action: Diana to set up a meeting.

    1. Letter Writing Campaign Report – Carolyn/Bill
           a. Having trouble getting good contacts for presentation offers.
                i. Action: Tim will get the Rotarian site.
                ii. Don – update on AddUp – we can use it for the petitions, volunteer info, etc., but need a way to get the money, which he is              working on.
                iii. Don is also working on a tiny URL that is easy to type in, so that people could sign the petition from their phones
                 iv. Karen is speaking on 1/21/20 to the Florida Master Gardners (did I get the correct name?)
      b. Bill is mailing the last of the set of 80 letters this week from earlier meeting.
      i. Asked us to note names and phone numbers of anyone who offers to write letters.
      VI. Ready for 100 Report
            A. Sierra Club Leadership Seminar and Climate Strike Orlando – Tim/Don/Jim/Diana
            a. Focus on building relationships and how to talk to people, as well as the social justice of our campaign and reaching out to              other groups.
           b. Jim attended the Orlando climate strike with his daughter and granddaughter!
      B. Veg Fest – 10-5-19 – John/Holly/Jim
           a. Not very well-attended but they got 70 signatures
      C. Meeting with Diana Robinson before departure
           a. Jim spoke with Diana R, she’ll let us know when job is posted and we can possibly meet with candidates.
      D. Meeting with Anna Maria and Holmes Beach Mayors (Dan Murphy and Judy Titsworth) – Steve, Diana, Jim
           a. Dan Murphy, Mayor of City of Anna Maria. We’re still waiting for information on the planned presentation by John Englander.
           b. For City of Holmes Beach. Mayor Judy and Lynn Burnett (City Engineer – Floodplain Mgr) are very pro-active in planning. Noted that their bigger SLR threat is from the land side of the island as there is less height on that side.
           c. Steve is still trying to get in touch with Bradenton Beach mayor.
      E. Environmental Florida Effective Presentation – 10-12-19 – Don, Diana, Tim, Jim
           a. This workshop reinforced what we have been learning about effective communication, especially in how to talk with legislators. Make connections using common ground (a shared interest in fishing or sports, for instance) and build relationships.
      F. NAACP Meeting 10-15-19 followed by PPT presentation 11-19-19 – Don/Jim
           a. Xtavia Bailey, president of Tiger Bay (non-partisan discussion forum – was at the meeting.             Action: Steve will try to get us on the docket.
           b. The NAACP is starting an environmental group but don’t have a mission/vision statement yet.
           c. Also, Jim is meeting with a retired ministers group which puts pressure from church groups on the government. Per John I, the groups usually have one item at a time to work on, so our ask would have to be focused.
      G. Communication with School Board and MCAT (Ryan Suarez – Planner) about applying for state funds from VW settlement – Charlie/Jim
           a. The school board was not aware of the application period for Florida. We have been supplying information as we find it. Action:      Jim following up with Ryan Suarez on the value of ebuses.
      H. Chamber of Commerce Natural Resources Committee Presentation
           a. We don’t have a return call yet.

VII. Executive Meeting Minutes and Discussion (attached)

a. We shared the meeting to dos and notes from the executive meeting held 9/30/19.

b. Updates to the presentations – reduce the notes on science and increase those on the economic impact and what the county is doing. The county is taking steps but they need to be more overarching and need to be done more quickly, with more emphasis on health. Don is doing a draft for the suggested updates.

i. Economically, tourism is the county’s #1 business, with agriculture as #2.

ii. Include mangrove message.

iii. Catch phrase “Save Our Sand” – we like it.

c. Teams – we confirmed the team makeup.

i. Liv Coleman has agreed to be our media/communication specialist.

ii. Constituency Support –

1. Presentations – confirmed as Carolyn (with Jane Johnston assisting) and Steve

2. Speakers Bureau – Jim, Tim, Steve, Karen, Don, Diana

3. Letter-writing – Bill

iii. Climate Science updates– Tim and Karen

iv. Managing media and news – John D and Susan

v. External Communications – Diana

vi. Community Liaison – Executive team (Jim, Tim, Steve, Don, Diana)

vii. Event Coordination – open

VIII. To Dos and final comments

a. To Do section added below.

b. Tim brought up some updates on climate change predictions and findings. Ongoing, Tim will share updates on climate change as he learns them, as appropriate.

c. John I. asked how to address difficult questions when talking to the public. Karen recommended bridge and pivot technique. CCL and Climate Reality sites have suggestions.

d. For Facebook, we decided to set up a new profile.

IX. Next Meeting – 11-25 or 12-2-19

a. We decided on Monday, 12/2/19 for the last meeting of the year.

TO DO Updates:

Note: Completed items will drop off after being noted as closed. New items will be added to either the Outstanding or Completed list at the next meeting, as appropriate.

1. New items:

a. Diana to set up a meeting with Becky Caresse, Just For Girls, and Ruth.

b. Tim will get the Rotarian site contact information for Carolyn

c. Steve will try to get us on the docket for an upcoming Tiger Bay luncheon.

d. Jim following up with Ryan Suarez on the value of ebuses.

2. Outstanding items:

a. In progress – Jim (short-term)– call Diana R to set up meeting for us to understand where the county stands, especially with regard to items such as the FGBC Platinum Award and the Green Team.

b. Team (short-term) – where do we need to focus our efforts to get movement?

c. Steve (short-term) – contact Manatee County EDC (Economic Development Council) – Contact is Karen Stewart, Economic Development Official, (941) 748-4501 ext. 6832, or their website

d. Pending response from Matt and Jenn – Jim (short-term) – contact Matt and Jenn and bring them in with the presenters and Carolyn for a discussion on presentations.

e. Email sent 10/23 – Diana (short-term) – ask Sarah T/Mary L about connecting the Climate Parents effort into the MCEA Add Up.

f. Ongoing – Jim and Steve – Contacting different groups to achieve inclusivity. We should all be looking for opportunities.

g. Steve will contact a woman he knows who recently retired from Tropicana.

h. Tim – will check the Flood Peril Act again in case there is more there to find.

i. In progress – Diana – get Campfire email contact and share with Don.

3. Completed:

a. Don (short-term) – contact Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance for meeting/presentation

b. Jim – reach out to Liv Coleman re being our media liaison.

c. Started at this meeting – Team – base orientation for new people

d. Diana – create a chronicle of what we are doing (I marked this as done, as we had a printout of ongoing work. If I missed something here, let me know.)

e. Diana – add notes on upcoming webinars to weekly summary.