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US Immigration and Refugee Policies | January-March 2019

By Mia | January 1, 2019

Issue of the Quarter January-March 2019

US Immigration and Refugee Policies

When I agreed that I would write about immigration and refugee policies, I hadn’t thought much about how I could possibly cover such a complex issue in a couple of pages. After … read more.

Prepare For, Beware of, Amendments | September-November 2018

By Mia | September 1, 2018

Issue of the Quarter, September-November 2018
Prepare For, Beware of, Amendments

When you vote in the General Election this November, besides voting for candidates of your choice, you will be asked to vote for or against 13 amendments to the Florida constitution. Among … read more.

Special report from Jana on the Share A Dish Program in June 2018 on PLASTIC!

By Mia | June 1, 2018

Special report from Jana on the Share A Dish Program in June 2018 on PLASTIC!

Want to reduce your plastic consumption, but not sure where to start? A new group, “Rethinking Plastic Sarasota” holds quarterly meetings to educate the public about plastic consumption, reduction … read more.

Recent Attacks on LGBTQ Rights | April-June 2018  

By Mia | April 1, 2018

April-May-June 2018

Recent Attacks on LGBTQ Rights (graphic from USA News)

In the ten years or so before the present administration came into power, LGBTQ (from here on I will simply say “gay”) rights made phenomenal gains. Perhaps the biggest advance was in … read more.

Environmental Issues and the New U.S. Administration | September-December 2017

By Mia | September 1, 2017

September-December 2017

Environmental Issues and the New U.S. Administration

This paper will be an attempt to evaluate the impact on environmental issues of the recent election both nationally and in many states of a large number of far right activists, many of whom … read more.

Voting Rights | June-August 2017    

By Mia | June 1, 2017


Many politicians are continually seeking ways to limit voting to those folks who will support their agenda. This can be done in many ways.

First: One of the more obvious is by gerrymandering districts so that voting districts are set … read more.

People on the Edge | April-September 2017 

By Mia | April 1, 2017

PEOPLE ON THE EDGE  April-September 2017 

I was reading our local newspaper a couple of months ago and ran into an editorial called “Too Many Live on Financial Cliff” which talked about a speech at by Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Wilson at a … read more.

Climate Change | January-March, 2017

By Mia | January 1, 2017


January-March, 2017

To start off, it might be helpful to review a paper I wrote on global warming which was the Issue of the Quarter from July to September, 2014. The paper provides some explanation of why our earth is becoming … read more.

Florida Primary and General Election | October-December, 2016

By Mia | October 1, 2016

As Unitarian Universalists, we have a long history of support for a number of issues and we should take this into consideration when we vote. Some of the many things that are at stake in the Florida Primary Election on August 30 and the General … read more.

Move to Amend | April-June, 2016

By Mia | April 1, 2016

Move to amend is a grassroots effort aimed at rejecting the 2010 Supreme Court ruling called Citizen’s United vs. the Federal Election Commission and related cases that have ruled that corporations are people and that money is speech.

The 2010 ruling was the culmination of Supreme … read more.