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Sunday Services: 10:30am


September 13, 2019 6/00 pm - 8/00 pm

Share-a-Dish events are always on the second Friday of the month. Social Hour is at 6 pm, Dinner is at 6:30 pm with the program following about 7:15 pm.  Sign up in the Social Hall and bring a dish.

“Climate Crisis”

We know we are in CLIMATE CRISIS. Florida is ranked near the bottom for conserving energy.  The Utility companies have asked the Public Service Commission to lower the utility company energy conservation goals – and in the past the PSC has granted their wish. The Utilities claim citizens should be the ones to conserve, not them. That’s Florida. (source Mitch Perry, news writer previously from WMNF)

But the CRISIS is also here in Manatee County. What can we do about it?

We can let our Manatee County legislators know that we care.  We care about the energy usage in County buildings:  they should commit to 100% renewable energy goals. We care about clean air: They should replace Manatee County school buses with electric buses and get rid of others that pollute the air from diesel gas. We care about our water supply: they should improve the laws that now allow pollution of our waterways and our drinking water. How about a law to keep plastic out of our parks and beaches? We care about the bees which are leaving our county: they should adopt protections for our native life.

We want Manatee County to develop a Sustainability Action Plan. And we want the ability to monitor the County progress on the Plan.

Bill and Carolyn Denison will explain the MUUF Action Plan.  Letter writing items will be distributed to everybody. There are County Commissioners and District Officers who need to hear our views. We encourage each letter writer to write about 5 letters, each to a different official. Sample letters will be provided. We will have the District Officers identified for you as well as the County Commissioner from your District. We will collect and mail all the letters.

This is the Action Plan for this evening. Let’s tell the County folks how we feel and tell them to get busy, the sooner the better!

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