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Sunday Services: 10:30am

Social Justice

September 1, 2019 12/00 pm - 1/00 pm

Meeting of the Social Justice Committee is at noon after the Sunday Service.

Agenda for the August meeting will include:

 Chair-Al Usack,

1) Acceptance of Minutes of August Meeting:

2) Writers for Social Justice articles:

  • Barb McCrea – Contact person for October special collection for UPDATE/Bulletin

  • Bill Hayes – Report to the October Update

  • Randall – Minutes of September meeting to Board of Directors

  • Bernita – September Social Justice meeting highlights report for October Update and website

3) Special Collections—Bill Hayes

  • August 18 – Feeding Empty Little Tummies (FELT) – Carol Bartz

  • September 15 – Downtown Ministry – Barb

  • October 20 – Manatee Operation Troop Support – Barb

4) Issue of the Quarter: July-August-September – Al

5) Climate Change Focus – John Isham, Carolyn Dennison. Review of MCEA meeting on 8/19. Report of Board action on Climate.

6) Share-a-Dish September 13 Bill and Carolyn Denison. Letter writing campaign for Manatee County to turn Green.

Volunteers at 5:00 pm to help set up.

7) OLD Business: Fair Food Congregation: Joan Butcher. Report on sponsoring Fair Food Program.

8) Announcements and New Business

  • LWV Hot Topic Monday, Sept 9 Climate Change and 100% Renewable Energy for Manatee County.

9) Adjournment:

Next Meeting: October 6         Next Coffee Hour: October 27                            Next Share-a-Dish: September 13