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Sunday Services: 10:30am

Special Collection: Feeding Empty Little Tummies F.E.L.T.

August 18, 2019 11/00 am - 11/30 am

The August Special Collection will be for Feeding Empty Little Tummies  F.E.L.T..

FELT is a local nonprofit charity begun in 2010 to help feed Manatee County’s most needy—homeless students—one backpack at a time.  These are children who rely on free and reduced-price school breakfast and lunch during the school day but are left without their nutritional needs being met on the weekends. Under the leadership of Pres/CEO Kim Bailey volunteers fill individual plastic bags with non-perishable food items which are transported to schools where they are placed into the backpacks of students who have been referred by teachers.  They are now providing 500 students from elementary through high school with enough food for six meals per student each week.  You may remember that we collected food items last October for them.  This time we are making individual donations by check or cash so that the organizers can purchase items that have not been included in the tangible donations made by other community groups.  Please be generous!