Climate Change | January-March, 2017


January-March, 2017

To start off, it might be helpful to review a paper I wrote on global warming which was the Issue of the Quarter from July to September, 2014. The paper provides some explanation of why our … read more.

Move to Amend | April-June, 2016


April – June 2016

Move to amend is a grassroots effort aimed at rejecting the 2010 Supreme Court ruling called Citizen’s United vs. the Federal Election Commission and related cases that have ruled that corporations … read more.

The New Jim Crow | October to December 2015

The New Jim Crow by Bernita Franzel

October to December 2015

At the 2015 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association,

Black Lives Matter was voted as an Action for Immediate Witness. This book report is part of MUUF’s program understanding and … read more.

Water Conservation Tips

Water Conservation Tips  Compiled by Zada Merrill

For water conservation, use the following actions:

1. Limit your use of pesticides and fertilizer.

2. Wash your car in a commercial car wash, not your driveway.

3. Fix any fluid leaks in your car promptly, or … read more.

Tips to Lower your Carbon Emissions

Tips to Lower Carbon Emissions  Compiled by Zada Merrill

Remove your name from Junk Mail lists.
Walk, ride bicycles, use buses and trains.
Keep your vehicles serviced regularly.
Keep tire pressure at optimum levels.
Demand rapid transit trains from your representatives.
Demand solar roof panels for new construction from … read more.

Income InEquality | July-September 2015

Income InEquality by Al Usack

July – September 2015

For a number of years now it is clear that the rich are getting richer and incomes of the poor and middle class at best are remaining about the same and at worst going … read more.

Water Conservation: April – June 2015

Water ConserVrion by Al Usack

April -June 2015

“Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!”

Yes, there is a lot of water from many sources – the oceans and seas, the rivers and lakes, the frozen waters of the Arctic and Antarctic … read more.