Chalice Circles

Ed Kobee 

If you would like to join a Chalice Circle,  please contact the office.

Chalice Circles are MUUF’s version f the popular concept of “small group ministry.”   In our highly mobile society there is a need for relationship and connection between and among people. Chalice Circles foster connection and caring among members of the congregation; they provide an avenue for personal growth and spiritual development; they help strengthen the fabric of our religious community. Ideally, six or eight members meeting twice a month works well. A Chalice Circle usually meets for about two hours.

Following a ‘check-in’ time when we share any happenings in our lives since the previous meeting, all who feel so inclined share their thoughts and feelings on an issue that has been chosen for that meeting. Those who are willing take turns finding a suitable issue from the UUA web site, which offers ‘session suggestions.’ The issues might be things such as courage, duty, fear, spirituality, decision making, patience, human relations issues, etc. Usually these include brief ‘readings’ and a few ‘questions,’ to help get us thinking.

These are not discussion groups. Each person who shares his or her feelings is not interrupted while speaking, questioned, or given advice, but listened to with acceptance and respect. It is also acceptable to sit quietly. The group members agree to confidentiality, thus one can be assured that one’s comments will not become the subject of gossip.

The groups are not therapy groups, but may prove therapeutic; they are not support groups, but may prove supportive; they are not educational groups, but we may learn a lot.

An important reward of being a member is that we feel closer to each other. Someone said that we sit together in church each week, but we frequently don’t “know each other’s stories.”  By listening, we gain understanding and respect for each other; by sharing we strengthen the bonds of friendship and caring within our Fellowship.  We have been meeting at 10 AM on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, but would be open to change. We have suspended meetings during August, but resume in September.

Why join a Chalice Circle?  Being a part of a Chalice Circle is a great opportunity to:

  • Get to know members and friends.
  • Develop supportive relationships in an accepting, nurturing atmosphere.
  • Explore life’s meaning and purpose with people you trust.
  • Deepen your understanding of our UU principles and values.
  • Discover and use your gifts in service to our church and the wider community.

Any interested person please contact Doris Sutliff or Ed Kobee.