Men’s Discussion and Support Group

John Isham

The Men’s group meets once a month on the second Wednesday at  2 pm in the Social Room. Because of the unique diversification among our members, discussions have been interesting and lively. There is no limit to the variety of topics we propose to examine; each meeting. We have a subject suggested by a member. The support function of the group means we are ready to reach out to anyone who makes a request. Personal facts are welcome, private and confidential, and are respected not being disclosed beyond the meeting.

Some topics have been and can be, significant events, personal successes and failures, brief personal histories, families, childhoods, fathers, mothers, siblings, children, gripes and irritations, fears and fights, the male side of relationships, the seven UU Principles, just to scratch the surface.

We open with an impulse of sound, have a brief reading and do a check in. We pass the gavel that allows the holder to have the floor without interruption for a brief period. Afterwards, questions or comments are welcomed and then the gavel is passed on. Meetings last for an hour and a half but can go on longer if people desire.