Women’s Spirituality Class

This is a group for women who value the special relationship that a group of women will provide for each other.
It is part education, part exploration, part support and hopefully fun all the way.
The group will stretch its participants, give inspiration, and lift spirits on life’s journey as women.


Monthly meetings were held with various presenters on various topics through June. 


Informal monthly summer sessions of various topics  were conducted at 6:30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month.  Members  shared leadership in this group and took turns being the presenter of a topic of personal interest that supports the goals of the group.

For 10 weeks there was a class called Rise UP. This is a woman-honoring journey into global earth-based spiritualities.  Women of all ages were welcome for this review of global goddess spirituality learning The curriculum is a textured spiritual inquiry missing from exclusively male imaged, monotheistic belief systems. Ethical principles central to a variety of earth and woman-honoring traditions around the globe and throughout history form the core of each session. The group met every Wednesday, from 6:30-8:30 in the Social Hall of MUUF.


The women’s group discussed a 13 week program, Cakes for the Queen of Heaven curriculum from the UU Association.