The Monthly Share-a-Dish events are always held on the second Friday of each month. The evening includes the Social Hour at 6 pm, followed by the pot luck dinner at 6:30 pm and the scheduled program starts around 7:15 pm. Sign up on the dinner sheet in the Social Hall noting what dish you will bring.

  • JULY 12. Sponsored by the Social Justice Committee: Observance of Lights for Liberty and The Phosphate Factor.

“The Phosphate Factor: Why the Gulf Coast gets Red Tide, and the East Coast (mostly) doesn’t” – Andy Mele, Suncoast Waterkeeper Andy has a master’s degree in environmental science, concentrated in environmental economics and policy. He is author of Polluting for Pleasure, the book that led directly to the extinction of twelve million two-cycle outboard motors and stopped the discharge equivalent to 5 Exxon Valdez oil spills each year into American waterways. He was Executive Director of Clearwater, the Hudson River environmental group formed by folk singer Pete Seeger in 1966 and won the 30-year battle with General Electric over its massive PCB spill in the Hudson. Andy is currently Suncoast Waterkeeper, working for protection of coastal ecosystems, to halt phosphate strip mining and untrammeled development in Florida, and to bring red tide back to pre-development levels.

  • June 14  Sponsored by by the Social Justice Committee.  This was a power point presentation on the National Popular Vote with Jeff Orenstein from LWV. Ed Kobee distributed information in preparation of the meeting. Questions welcome.
  • May 10.  Sponsored by the Social Justice Committee. Jim Willard presented a program about the Manatee Clean Energy Alliance.

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