Tips to Lower your Carbon Emissions

Tips to Lower Carbon Emissions  Compiled by Zada Merrill

  1. Remove your name from Junk Mail lists.
  2. Walk, ride bicycles, use buses and trains.
  3. Keep your vehicles serviced regularly.
  4. Keep tire pressure at optimum levels.
  5. Demand rapid transit trains from your representatives.
  6. Demand solar roof panels for new construction from developers.
  7. Use recycled water for gardens and golf courses.
  8. Grow your own vegetables and herbs.
  9. Use cloth bags for groceries.
  10. Use compact fluorescent bulbs in your home, office and public buildings.
  11. Buy energy star appliances.
  12. Buy recycled paper for bath and facial tissue, invitations

      and all paper needs.

  1. Recycle newspapers, telephone books, stationery, plastic containers,

      glass bottles.

  1. Shop at your local fresh produce markets. Buy organic food products.
  2. Use water sparingly; turn water off when brushing or shaving.

      “Shower with a friend.”

  1. East less meat; increase your meatless meals by one or two a week.
  2. Don’t waste food; serve smaller portions.
  3. Learn how to compost your waste vegetables.
  4. Install composting toilets.

Compiled by Zada Merrill from Cooler, Smarter