Water Conservation Tips

Water Conservation Tips  Compiled by Zada Merrill

For water conservation, use the following actions:

1. Limit your use of pesticides and fertilizer.

2. Wash your car in a commercial car wash, not your driveway.

3. Fix any fluid leaks in your car promptly, or “Don’t drip and Drive.”

4. Don’t litter. Every time it rains small bits of plastic are swept into the waterways.

5. Scoop your pet’s poop and throw it into the trash. Pet waste on sidewalks and in gutters isn’t just gross, it’s bad for your local waterways.

6. Plant rain gardens or use rain barrels to absorb rainwater where it falls. Make parking lots with shell to absorb rainwater.

7. Speak out. Push for state regulations that require cities and counties to incorporate green technologies in all new developments. Monitor what our Florida legislature does to honor the vote to conserve water that we helped pass.

8. Check that Florida’s water regulations have kept up with science. States are responsible for implementing elements of the Clean Water Act and many of their standards are dangerously out-of-date.

9. Educate yourself and your community. Some cities require that storm-water drains are painted to tell the community where runoff (and pollution) is going.


p class=”TextBody”>10. Support the hardworking folks fighting to protect local waterways. Support the local coastal water watchers and activists.