Thursday, March 14.  28, 2019

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1. Sunday morning coffee hour ~ Thank you to the Worship Team, A/V Team, and Knitters for hosting coffee hour last Sunday morning ~ preparing the coffee and snacks, setting everything out, and cleaning up afterwards. Spreading out the work between committees gives everyone a chance to participate. Make it fun! This coming Sunday, the Bridge Group will have the privilege of serving. Thank you for coming forward to help when you see we need some extra hands in the kitchen. Sunday morning coffee hour is an important part of our ministry ~ to our guests and to each other. Thanks to everyone who sees a job that needs to be done and does it, without being asked.

2. The chalice lighter this coming Sunday is board member Carol Bartz. The chalice is the primary symbol of the Unitarian Universalist faith tradition. It symbolizes our congregation’s light of truth, warmth of community and fire of commitment to our good work. In recent months the chalice has been lit each Sunday by a MUUF board member. Thank you, Carol.

3. On Sunday, March 17, following the service, Rev. Fred will lead a MUUF 101 class which is designed for people who have been attending our services, share our UU values, and are considering joining Manatee UU Fellowship. After attending this class, people are welcome to sign the membership book and be honored at our upcoming New Member Ceremony on April 7th.

4. When you are aware of a member who is ill or in need of special care be sure to notify Karen in the office or Rev. Fred or Randy McCrea. They will in turn alert Linda Marshall who sends out cards of love and encouragement.

5. The Publicity Committee reminds the congregation there are “tear off” information pads available in the Fellowship office to help promote Manatee UU in the community. There are 25 sheets to a pad. Each sheet welcomes the reader to join us for Sunday service and gives pertinent information such as address, telephone number, etc. These pads should be helpful to members who want to help publicize and raise awareness of our Fellowship in the greater Bradenton community. See Karen in the office if you’d like a pad to help you in your outreach activities.

6. Board reports are due in the office Tuesday, March 19. Articles for April UPDATE are due in the office Wednesday, March 20.

7. Want to set up a time to meet with Rev. Fred to have coffee and get to know one another better? You may set up a time by going to calendly.com/fredlhammond <http://calendly.com/fredlhammond> and schedule directly a time and location that works for you. If these times do not work then you may also email directly Rev. Fred at muufminister@manateeuuf.org to arrange a time and location that works best for you.

8. The Annual Meeting will be Sunday, April 7 following the service. The Annual Report booklet will be available to members & friends on Sunday, March 24.

9. Highlights of Social Justice meeting on March 3.

* Special Collection for Selah on Feb. 17 was $593. Special collection on March 31 will be for Coalition of Immokalee Workers who will be presenting the whole service.

* Wish List Giving for Manasota Operation Troop Support (M.O.T.S.) will continue through April.

* Manatee Gay Pride festival on March 16 has many volunteers, but more are welcome to join us under our new tent and visit the many booths. Rev. Fred will be speaking at 11:45 am so come early.

* John Isham reported on the Climate Lobby meeting and there was much discussion about making plans for Climate Change to be the focus of our committee.

* The Share a Dish Program on May 10 is in the planning with Climate as possible subject.

* Legislation for 2 Amendments to get on the 2020 ballot require petitions to be signed to Ban Assault Weapons and Provide Medicaid Coverage to Eligible Low-Income Adults. If you are a registered Florida voter, do sign the petitions if you haven’t already.

* Our January Share a Dish was a play supporting the lawsuit by Youths vs US Government to protect the environment for them, the future generations. The lawsuit was featured on 60 Minutes on March 3 and in the UUWorld of Summer 2018.

10. Meetings/events coming up this week:

Sat. Mar 16 Bridge 1PM;

Sat. Mar 16 Manatee Pride 11:45 AM;

Sat. Mar 16 In-home dinners 5:30PM;

Sun. Mar 17 Choir rehearsal 8:30AM;

Sun. Mar 17 “MUUF 101” following the service;

Mon. Mar 18 Great Decisions 10AM;

Tues. Mar 19 Knitting4Peace 10:00AM;

Thur. Mar 21 Our Daily Bread 9AM;

Coming events: Sun. Mar 31 Bylaws Q&A;

                           Sun. Apr 7 Annual Meeting & Lunch


1. School Strike 4 Climate. Beware the Ides of March. Tomorrow, Friday, March 15, tens of thousands of high-school and middle-school students in more than 30 countries plan to skip school to demand that politicians treat the global climate crisis as the emergency it is. “Power concedes nothing without a demand,” Frederick Douglass observed during the fight against slavery. “It never did and it never will.” ExxonMobil and the rest of the fossil-fuel industry wield power over governments and economies the world over, and they use that power to enforce a business model guaranteed to fry the planet. David Hogg of the Parkland students’ March for Our Lives movement recently asked his 941,000 Twitter followers: “So when are we going to start walking out against climate change in the US? We live on planet Earth too.”

2. Manatee Pride ~ Please join us at Manatee Pride on Saturday March 16 in the Riverwalk. The progressive clergy will have a brief in gathering service at 11:45AM. Our minister, Rev Fred L Hammond, will deliver the message this year. MUUF will have a booth as well; so come on by between 11:45 and 4pm.

3.         Interested in teaching adults to speak English? Project Light Adult English Learning Center in West Bradenton needs volunteer teachers and substitutes, two hours a week, curriculum and training provided. Classes are Monday thru Thursday 9 – 11AM, 6:30 – 8PM. For more information go to  info@projectlightofmanatee.org


4.         EVERY THURSDAY  Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Sarasota County Chapter, <sarasota@bradymail.orgRally 4-5 PM. Meet at Bayfront Sarasota, just south of the Unconditional Surrender statue. Contact email address for details.

5.        For a list of events of Indivisible Groups in Florida’s 16th and 17th Congressional Districts  go to   http://fl17indivisible.com/calendar.html   



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