Welcome Guests & Friends

Love is the doctrine of our congregation, the quest for truth is our tradition, and service is our prayer. We welcome you.

Our Fellowship serves as a beacon to encourage and support all in their search for personal meaning. We will not tell you what to believe; we will encourage your questions, thoughtful dialogue, and self-improvement.

We include people of all ages, physical abilities, financial circumstances, sexual orientations, national origins, races, educational backgrounds and spiritual understandings.

We work for justice through love and compassion by sponsoring an interfaith advocacy group, Standing on The Side of Love. We seek to harness the power of logic and love to end oppression. Join us in our efforts. We come together for Sunday services as one congregation. Come, see how Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Humanists, Muslims, Scientists, Mystics, Pagans, Atheists and others find common ground in our Unitarian Universalist Community.

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Our Future Minister

Rev. Dee Graham retired in June. Our Transition Team is working overtime to set our sails for the future.

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Pagan Pride Project

Saturday, Sept. 23, Scheduled events at MUUF include: 10am Making Your Own Ritual Jewelry, 11am Keynote by Dr. Brandy Stark "Goddess Worshippers in Ancient Rome" 1pm-Make Your Own Scrying Mirror, 2pm-Make your own Spell Candle, 3:15pm-Three Levels of Meditation, 4pm-Open Mabon (Autumn Equinox) Ritual. Admission is Free. Please bring pet food and supplies to Donate to Humane Society. There will be a variety of vendors and games.
Pagan Pride Project will be held Saturday, Sept. 23. For more information, go to Programs, Pagan Perspectives.

Events This Month

Friday, Sept. 1 at 1:30 pm
         Play Reading
Monday, Sept. 4 at 2:00 pm
          Book Discussion Group                                             “Grace of the Gingko “
Friday, Sept. at 6 :00 pm
Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 10:00 am                                                Chalice Circle
Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 3:30 pm                                                 Membership Committee
Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 3:00 pm
           Men’s Group
Friday, Sept. 15 at 1:30 pm
           Play Reading
Tuesday, Sept. 19 at 6:30 pm
          Board Meeting
Thursday, Sept.  21 at 9:00 am
          Volunteers at Our Daily Bread
          Turning Points One Stop Center
Saturday, Sept. 23 at 10:00-4pm                                       Pagan Pride Day
Sunday, Sept. 24 at 4:00 pm                                               Pagan Perspectives
Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 10:00 am
           Chalice Circle