Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship


322 15th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205

(941) 746-0067

Sunday Service

Sunday March 26, 2017    Learning for Life

Unitarian Universalists promote lifelong learning. We think of ourselves as people with open minds, loving hearts and helping hands. We have a particular philosophy for faith development that embraces critical thinking and pluralism. Your search for truth and meaning need not stop at graduation.


Speaker: Rev. Margaret Beard

Activities in March 2017 

  • Wednesday, March 1
    6:00 pm Toastmasters
  • Thursday, March 2
    12:00 noon Al-Anon
    6:15 pm  Choir Practice
    7:30 pm  Meditation
  • Friday, March 3
    10:00 am Great Decisions-Saudi Arabia in Transition
    1:30 pm  Play Reading
  • Saturday, March 4
    1-4:00 pm Game Day
  • Sunday, March 5 at 10:30 am
    Speaker: Rev. Gary Batey
    12 noon RE meeting
    12 noon Social Justice meeting
  • Monday, March 6
    2:00 pm Book Club  postponed
    7:00 pm  Occupy/Indivisible Discussion
  • Tuesday, March 7
    6:30 pm  Zen Meditation
  • Wednesday, March 8
    3:00 pm  Men’s Group
    6:00 pm  Toastmasters
    6:30 pm  Women’s Spirituality Group
  • Thursday. March 9
    12:oo noon Al-Anon
    6:15 pm Choir Practice
    7:30 pm  Meditation
  • Friday, March 10
    10:00 am Great Decisions – Latin America’s Political Pendulum
    6:00 pm  Share-a-Dish
    “Florida Water Crisis” Cris Costello
  • Saturday, March 11
    1-4 pm  Game Day
  • Sunday, March 12
    9:00 am Choir practice
    10:30 am  Speaker: Rev. Dee Graham
  • Monday, March 13
    7:00 pm  Occupy/Indivisible – Discussion
  • Tuesday, March 14
    10:00 am Chalice Circle
    3:30 pm Membership Committee
    6:30 pm Zen Meditation
  • Wednesday, March 15
    6:00 pm  Toastmasters
  • Thursday, March 16
    9:00 am Volunteer-Our Daily Bread
    12:00 noon  Al-Anon
    6:15 pm   Choir Practice
    7:30 pm  Meditation
  • Friday, March 17
    10:00 am  Great Decisions Prospects for Afghanistan and Pakistan-Mustafa and Patty Bulut
    1:30 pm Play Reading Group  Doubt
  • Saturday, March 18
    12 -6:00 pm  Manatee Gay Pride
    1-4:00 pm  Game Day
  • Sunday, March 19
    10:30 am Speaker Rabbi Michael Sternfield
  • Monday, March 20
    2:00 pm  Book Club Eleanor Roosevelt vol.3 Geri Pasquarella
    6:30 pm Occupy/ Indivisible and Social Justice: DVD
    “Best Democracy Money Can Buy”
  • Tuesday, March 21
    6:30 pm  Board Meeting
    6:30 pm Zen Meditation
  • Wednesday, March 22
    6:00 pm Toastmasters
  • Thursday, March 23
    12:00 noon Al-Anon
    6:15 pm  Choir
    7:30 pm Meditation
  • Friday, March 24
    10:00 am Great Decisions Trade and Politics – Nelson French
  • Saturday, March 25
    1:00 pm Game Day
    6:00 pm In-Home Dinners
  • Sunday, March 26
    9:00 am Choir Practice
    10:30 am Speaker: Rev. Margaret L. Beard
    4:00 pm  Pagan Perspectives
  • Monday, March 27
    7:00 pm Occupy/Indivisible-Discussion
  • Tuesday, March 28
    10:00 am Chalice Circle
    6:30 pm Zen Meditation
  • Wednesday, March 29
    6:00 pm Toastmasters
  • Thursday, March 30
    12:00 noon Al-Anon
    6:15 pm  Choir Rehearsal
    7:30 pm  Meditation
  • Friday, March 31
    10:00 am Great Decisions -Nuclear Security – John Isham
    1:30 pm Play Reading



Sam Lane has been blind since birth. He started playing the piano at two and a half, mimicking his mother who was a church pianist. While growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. he often was asked to play piano when attending nursery school and he began formal lessons when he was seven. At age twelve Sammy learned to read music in Braille and attended a Catholic school for the blind in the Bronx. In the late 60’s his family moved to Sarasota. After graduating from Sarasota High, he went on to Oberlin College in Ohio as a music major with a specialty in piano performance. Sam serves as the organist and pianist for two churches in Palmetto, in addition to his performance schedule and his piano tuning business.

Sam Lane: By Request Sam Lane will play your requests, so we are making our own concert. Will it be blues, gospel, classical, hip hop, show tunes, Motown, or ragtime?

Health Care Rally at the Statue in Sarasota

Vigil for A Day Without Women March 8


Tuesday mornings at Vern Buchanan Office


At the Manatee County Commissioners’ public hearing regarding expansion of Mosaic Phosphate Mining.

Four of us went on the Crop Walk over the Green Bridge to raise money for Church World Service and Our Daily Bread.