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Income Inequality by Al Usack

March – June 2019

At a recent Social Justice meeting, it was agreed that I would write again about income inequality, updating the subject of the Issue of the Quarter of July-September 2015. A copy of that paper is available on our … read more.

Recent Attacks on LGBTQ Rights | April-June 2018  

April-May-June 2018

Recent Attacks on LGBTQ Rights (graphic from USA News)

In the ten years or so before the present administration came into power, LGBTQ (from here on I will simply say “gay”) rights made phenomenal gains. Perhaps the biggest advance was in … read more.

Voting Rights | June-August 2017    


Many politicians are continually seeking ways to limit voting to those folks who will support their agenda. This can be done in many ways.

First: One of the more obvious is by gerrymandering districts so that voting districts are set … read more.

People on the Edge | April-September 2017 

PEOPLE ON THE EDGE  April-September 2017 

I was reading our local newspaper a couple of months ago and ran into an editorial called “Too Many Live on Financial Cliff” which talked about a speech at by Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Wilson at a … read more.

Climate Change | January-March, 2017


January-March, 2017

To start off, it might be helpful to review a paper I wrote on global warming which was the Issue of the Quarter from July to September, 2014. The paper provides some explanation of why our earth is becoming … read more.